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Grizzly Bear Belly Deli

If you happen to be a traveler with a heart for hiking, a lakeside enthusiast who can’t get enough of the wind and waves or someone who likes to shop, dine and be entertained during a vacation, then Big Bear, California is the ideal destination for you. This versatile and scenic stop in Southern California comes with the benefit of endless access to the great outdoors as a well as a bustling downtown filled with boutique shops, museums, galleries and beyond that promise to be thrilling. In addition, guests will find it’s a locale filled to the brim with delicious Big Bear places to eat. While there are many to choose from, those in the mood for something flavorful that also provides a family-fun ambiance will want to be sure to head over to Grizzly Bear Belly Deli while you’re in town!

Please the Taste Buds in Big Bear

A friendly staff, fresh food, and a welcoming atmosphere await guests who stop by the Grizzly Bear Belly Deli for a meal, quick bite or just fun conversation. The Grizzly Bear Belly Deli is located at 42530 Moonridge Road and can easily be spotted by guests thanks to its bright yellow sign and a bear statue wearing a Christmas hat! The many fresh sandwiches available daily are always a hit at Grizzly Bear Belly Deli, but just as many guests drop by to enjoy watching the sandwich artists who create these savory delights work. Take a seat on the open-air patio and enjoy a sandwich or two or simply grab a coffee and take in the view. This casual hot spot is perfect for families looking for Big Bear places to eat to take a rest and refuel before the next adventure calls.

Menu Favorites

As a well-loved deli, a stop at the Grizzly Bear Belly Deli comes with many of the traditional expectations including ham, turkey, roast beef and beyond. Choose your preferred bread type and let the sandwich artists do the rest. In the rare event the menu doesn’t feature what you’re craving, simply ask and it can be designed. When you’re looking to add a savory side, don’t miss the tater tots which are always a flavorful selection.

Discover the Best Places to Eat in Big Bear & More

Whether you plan on enjoying the lake, hitting the hiking trails or taking time to unwind by restaurant hopping through Big Bear, this is a destination that’s sure to inspire travelers from near and far. The team at Big Bear Cabins is happy to help you book the perfect accommodations when you’re looking for a cozy cabin or a spacious luxury home. Contact us for more information on our vast portfolio of options as well as other great places to eat in Big Bear today!


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