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Hiking Journey to Big Bear

Taking time to unwind in Big Bear is worth your while year-round, particularly for those that harbor a passion for outdoor adventure. Surrounded by the scenic San Bernardino National Forest, Big Bear is known for its many mountain trails that call to those who love to lace up their boots and trek their way to adventure. When you’re in the area specifically to make the most of moments out on these scenic pathways, there are a few hiking in Big Bear routes you just won’t want to miss out on!

Castle Rock Trail

While there are many trails to choose from in this area, many tend to agree that Castle Rock Trail ranks among the best with good reason. This scenic and enjoyable route is accessible just over a mile East of Big Bear Dam, providing a great follow up to discovering this area. Boasting an elevation gain of 500-feet, hikers that are looking for a steep challenge paired with sweeping views will find everything they’re looking for and more. Set aside enough time to cover the 2.5 miles this trail hosts and keep your eyes peeled for fascinating wildlife within the wooded terrain.

Alpine Pedal Path

If you’re enjoying a journey with the entire family, or you prefer to take to the Big Bear trails with a bit more ease, the Alpine Pedal Path is a great choice. Accessible at 740 Stanfield Cutoff, the Alpine Pedal Path is a paved route that’s popular amongst hikers, walkers, bikers, and runners alike. At just under 3.5 miles, the Alpine Pedal Path circles the northern end of the lake, offering beautiful views and a tranquil route to enjoying the day outdoors. Those that are passionate about birding will want to note that this path is a popular spot for observing bald eagles at certain times of the year.

Pine Knot Trail 1E01

Immerse yourself in pine tree surroundings complete with wildflowers and lake views when you set your sights on the Pine Knot Trail 1E01 during your journey to Big Bear. Accessed at Mill Creek Road, the Pine Knot Trail 1E01 trailhead is close to the Aspen Glen picnic area, making it worth your time to enjoy a snack before or after a trek surrounded by forested terrain. Just over 3 miles of moderately difficult hiking awaits on the Pine Knot Trail 1E01 which is also popular amongst mountain bikers.

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