Big Bear lakefront cabins

Top Features of Our Big Bear Lakefront Cabins

Have you ever wanted to experience Southern California from a luxury vacation rental with premier views of Big Bear Lake? There has never been a better time to come see why Big Bear Lake is so popular. Our lakefront cabins are some of the best rentals in our selection. These homes offer incredible features not found in some of our other vacation cabins. Here are the top features you can find:

Right on the Water

These vacation rentals are not called lakefront cabins for nothing. These homes are directly on Big Bear Lake. This local attraction is one of the biggest draws to the area for its beautiful views, sailboarding, incredible fishing, and more. When you reserve one of our Big Bear lakefront cabins, you have access to any of these activities from right outside the home. Don’t waste time traveling to the lake every day; stay right on the shore!

Spacious Homes

Our lakefront cabins are often some of our largest properties with numerous bedrooms to sleep big families or large groups with ease. Many of these homes also come with just as many bathrooms, letting everyone get ready for another exciting day on Big Bear Lake at the same time.

Luxury Amenities in Most Homes

When our clients choose Big Bear Cabins, they are choosing some of the finest vacation rentals in Southern California. Most of our lakefront cabins feature incredible amenities that rival most 5 star resorts. Enjoy the gourmet kitchens where delicious feasts can easily be cooked up in no time. Each room comes furnished with flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi access, letting you unwind every evening with your favorite show. Most properties have spacious patio decks, letting you relax with those lakeside views in peace.

Access to All of Big Bear Lake

Our lakefront cabins are featured all around Big Bear Lake, letting you enjoy your favorite spots in the area. Whether you are a fan of the North Shore or South Shore we will have a property that is perfect for you. Book a ride-share or plan for a rental car to make it easy to navigate all across the lake region and more.

Find Your Lakefront Cabin Today

You have plenty of lakefront cabins to choose from when planning for your Big Bear Lake getaway. Let our vacation specialists select the right property for you; give us a call today!

Big Bear Lake fishing spots

Top Big Bear Lake Fishing Spots

Not only do families flock to Big Bear Lake every year to enjoy the local attractions, they also come to the lake to partake in some of the best fishing in Southern California. Big Bear Lake has some incredible fishing locations where you are almost guaranteed to find your biggest catch. Some of the spots can be tricky to find if you do not know where to look. Here are the top Big Bear Lake fishing spots that you need to check out:

Spring Season

The best fishing spots around Big Bear Lake all depend on the season you are visiting the area. Fish will migrate to other points of the lake throughout the year. The spring to early summer season is best spent fishing around Pine Knot Landing. We recommend renting your own fishing boat from the Pine Knot Marina that will let you explore this area and up to Gilner Point. If you do not have access to a rental boat, you can easily check out Stanfield Cutoff and Juniper Point where you can throw your line into the water straight from the shore.

Summer Season

The later summer season sees the native rainbow trout, carp, and bass move closer to the north and south shores of Big Bear Lake. Similar to Pine Knot Landing, these two shores are best explored by boat, allowing you to have free reign over the water. Those who wish to keep to land can find their best chances of landing their catch around Windy Point, the North Shore Landing, and Gray’s Landing. North Shore Landing and Gray’s Landing both make it easy with plenty of spots where you can keep comfortable while easily spending a few hours of fishing.

Fall Season

Last but not least, the fall season sees one more shift in the best fishing spots around Big Bear Lake. Boat renters will find their best chances just east of Windy Point closer towards the Observatory. These catches can also be had just offshore in the area between the North Shore Landing and the Observatory.

Your Next Fishing Adventure in Big Bear

If you are looking for the best fishing opportunities in Big Bear, these are your prime destinations. Enjoy the best fishing experience you have ever had by visiting Big Bear Lake this year. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable in between your excursions with luxury amenities and spacious floor plans. Let us find you the perfect vacation rental for your next stay in Big Bear!

Scenic views of the lake from a Big Bear Park

The Most Beautiful Big Bear Parks

Because the landscape of Big Bear is so magnificent, it may be a bit difficult choosing just a few parks that outshine the others. Everywhere we turn in our mountain village, each new view seems to be more stunning than the last, but we are definitely going to give it a try. The parks listed here all offer that little extra something that changes their ranking from wonderful to extraordinary. These are the most beautiful Big Bear parks, and if you have the time, adding them to your vacation itinerary will add an extra sparkle to an already perfect getaway!

Boulder Bay Park, 39148 CA-18

Perfect for picnics and kayaking in the summer, hikes along the shores of the lake, and simply for being a place to relax and collect your thoughts. The boulders from which this stunning park has earned its name add something to photos taken here, and the trees and hills that surround the area increase its beauty even more. Take a quiet walk with your thoughts or a more rambunctious one with your family and be sure to stop along the way and enjoy the views from the benches you will find throughout the park.

Aspen Glen Picnic Area, 40105 Mill Creek Road

A park is often described as an area in the center of town designed for recreational use, and although the Aspen Glen Picnic Area doesn’t quite match that description, enjoying a picnic among the simple grandeur of the trees that surround the area may end up being the highlight of your vacation. Located in the San Bernadino National Forest, the picnic tables, grills, and fire pit of this Big Bear park offer a great place to relax before you start your hike along the trails; be sure to bring your camera—the views to be found in this scenic area are breathtaking year-round!

Veteran’s Park, 450 Knickerbocker Road

As we near the season of thanks, we often find our thoughts directed to the veterans that have faithfully served our country throughout the years, and if you are looking for a quiet and scenic spot to reflect on their sacrifices, Veteran’s Park is the place to visit. Located on the banks of Big Bear Lake and surrounded by hills and trees, your Christmas card photo with the family will be the talk of the town.

Living Simply in Your Big Bear Cabins Vacation Escape, and Enjoying Scenic Big Bear Parks

It’s the little things that make up our most treasured memories: sharing secrets with your best friends after years apart, watching your children grow into adults you really like, and family vacations spent with your children while they are young and still think you are the best parents in the world. Staying in a Big Bear Cabins vacation escape will make your California vacation a memorable one—reserve yours today!

Big Bear Oktoberfest

Top 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Big Bear

Big Bear is a small mountain resort town with a big heart, and there’s more than meets the eye to us than just our big ol’ lake! Here are 5 of the top things you may not have known about Big Bear:

Big Bear Lake is actually Man-Made!

If there’s one attraction in Big Bear that sounds out above all else and guides millions of people each year from around the world to visit, it has to be Big Bear Lake itself! Swimming, kayaking, fishing… you name it, Big Bear Lake has it! But one thing you may not have known about Big Bear Lake is that it’s actually a man-made lake, and was created in the late 19th century to hold water to supply the citrus farms in Redlands.

It Wasn’t Always Called Big Bear Lake

Just like most places in the world, Big Bear Lake has seen its fair share of different names before it finally settled on what we know it as today! Before 1845 the natural water reservoir was initially known as Baldwin Lake, but when Benjamin Wilson came to the area he found a large amount of grizzly bears who called the area their home. Stunned by the size of the bears and the amount in the area, Wilson found it fitting to rename the area Big Bear Lake!

Big Bear is a Hot Spot Destination for Hollywood

With all the incredible natural beauty and scenery that we are fortunate to have here in Big Bear it’s no wonder that Hollywood often comes to our doorstep to film for some of their biggest movies! Many motion pictures have been filmed in Big Bear, including scenes from Gone with the Wind, War Games, Old Yeller, and more!

A Favorite Training Destination for World Class Athletes

Over the years Big Bear has truly become a favorite location for world class athletes to train, primary due to its high elevation and close proximity to large cities such as LA or Las Vegas. In the past it has been the training home for legendary champions such as Oscar de la Hoya, and today many MMA fighters and professional bike riders train right here in town! That means you never know who you may run in to when you visit Big Bear…

Big Bear Oktoberfest is One Heck of a Good Time!

You may not know it from the outside looking in, but one of the best places to celebrate Oktoberfest in all the United States is right here in Big Bear! The Big Bear Oktoberfest celebrations began decades ago with true German immigrants who made their way to Big Bear, and the party hasn’t stopped every year since! We celebrate with authentic German beer and food, live music, and more! If there’s one best kept secret about Big Bear that you didn’t know above all else, this is it!

Regardless of why you’re choosing to stay in Big Bear, make the right choice and choose to stay in Big Bear with Big Bear Cabins! Big Bear Cabins offers a number of amazing rental properties and cabins all throughout the Big Bear area, and we’re more than ready to assist you with finding the location of your dreams to make your next vacation unforgettable! So don’t wait, contact us with any questions or to make your reservation today.

mountain lake surrounded by a pine forest

Where to Get the Best Views in Big Bear

Big Bear, California is one of the most visited alpine lakes in the country. This is due to some of the best lake leisure around, great skiing, and endless other activities. But it is also because this is one of the most beautiful places in the country. The following are a couple of the best views in Big Bear.

Castle Rock Trail

You can find beauty throughout this 1.5-mile trail, but the real prize lies at the end of the hike. It culminates with sweeping views of the lake, but also of the incredible mountains that surround. This is often considered the best place to take in the mountains. Not only does this spot provide for some of the best views, but it requires a bit of light exercise. Nothing adds to the pleasure of a pleasant hike like an incredible Big Bear view. You can find the trail on the southwest corner of the lake off of Big Bear Blvd and Fisher Creek.

Boulder Bay Park

This amazing spot puts you on the shore of Big Bear Lake while providing incredible views of the beauty that surrounds. This is the best place to experience the contrast of blue and emerald water that makes you feel as if you are in the tropics coupled with forests and mountains. This is a truly stunning place. The best vantage point in the park comes from the small, charming dock that takes you out over the crystal blue water. Find this incredible experience on the south side of the lake at the intersection of Big Bear Blvd and Bluejay Lane.

Anywhere on the Water

There are countless opportunities to get out on the water. Among the most peaceful methods of enjoying the views from the water are those afforded by sailboats, but you can also kayak, paddle boat, jet ski, and everything in between. You can rent all your watercraft at Big Bear Marina on the south side of the lake, or from North Shore Landing on—you guessed it—the north side of the lake!

You may come for one recreational opportunity or another, but you are sure to fall in love with Big Bear for the natural beauty that you will find there. Whether it’s the heart of winter or the heat of summer, plan your next trip here and stay in a comfortable vacation rental home.

in big bear

Family Friendly Activities in Big Bear

In Big Bear, you will find two different worlds depending on when you visit. During the colder months, you will find a winter wonderland offering more beauty than nearly anywhere else in the world. During the summer, you will find a paradise for outdoor recreation. Regardless of which version of Big Bear you experience, you can be sure that it will provide endless fun and activities for the entire family. The following are just a few family friendly activities in Big Bear.


In Big Bear, you will find some of the best freshwater fishing opportunities in all of California. This is especially true for the summertime, but you can also find plenty of fishing fun in the winter, whether by finding a patch of the lake that is not frozen or taking advantage of the unique opportunity to go ice fishing. Whether your child is an awesome little angler or has never tried it before, they are sure to have an amazing time fishing in Big Bear. This is because the area is just so beautiful, and the chances are extremely good that they will get plenty of bites. Fish right off of the shore of Big Bear Lake or go all out and rent a boat and fish wherever you would like!

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Just like in any city or town, the zoo in Big Bear serves as one of the favorite places of all children, and the parents cannot help but have a great time as well. This is a very cool experience because the zoo features animals that live in places like Big Bear. You always have an opportunity to see some wildlife when you explore Big Bear, but this puts you up close to some of the most amazing animals that are native to the area, but very rare these days. This includes wolves, coyotes, bears, bobcats, and countless other animals. But seeing the animals is only a small part of the cool things going on here, as there is always an interesting show or interactive experience.

Snow Fun

Obviously, during the winter, taking advantage of the snow is a must! One of the best ways to do this is by renting some snowshoes and hiking some of the beautiful trails around Big Bear. The town is also home to two world class ski resorts, where you can take advantage of the endless fun that comes with skiing and snowboarding. For something a little more casual, you can take advantage of sledding opportunities on countless hills throughout the area.

Regardless of how your family likes to spend time on vacation, you will find plenty of family friendly activities in Big Bear that will make for some lasting memories! To make the most of your trip here, stay in a cozy, fully-equipped cabin rental that everyone will love.

small mountain cabin among trees

Why Choose Big Bear Cabins for Property Management

Owning your own vacation property is one of the most rewarding investments you can make. It can be very difficult to make the most out of it, though, if you try to do it on your own. That is where we here at Big Bear Cabins come in. Whether you want to simply rent out your Big Bear property during the times you are not there or throughout the entire year, there is no company that can maximize your property’s profitability while keeping management fees low like we can.

Maintaining Your Home

This is the first thing that we guarantee our vacation property owners. Your home will always be ready to impress the next guests. We strive to create an atmosphere that blends the comforts of home with the luxury of a resort vacation experience. We contract the best and most trustworthy housekeeping, landscaping, and maintenance firms in the area. As we have been operating in the Big Bear area for many years, we have the very best connections with the top services in the area. This is just one of many ways we keep your property management fees LOW. Consistent walk throughs of the home, along with an efficient visitor feedback system, ensure that we never miss any imperfections in the presentation of your home. As a result, one of the main things that we offer above the competition is a consistent base of visitors. This is due to the fact that once someone books a property with us, they are likely to do it time and time again. Creating these residual customers goes a long way in maximizing your profits.

Sell People on Your Home

Maintaining a beautiful home is a big part of what we do, but it would all be for nothing if we did not market your property the right way. We use cutting edge marketing techniques to not only get your property in front of people, but to get it in front of the right people that are likely to take a vacation in Big Bear. This begins by having a legitimate website that already enjoys countless visits from the right people. Using our website as our vehicle, we tirelessly implement the most effective search engine optimization techniques, so people interested in Big Bear vacations are sure to stumble across the immaculate description of your home. But we are not trying to get just anyone in your home, because it is essential that we can trust the people who will be staying in your property. That is why we employ stringent guest vetting criteria to ensure your investment is always safe.

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure every one of our owners is comfortable and turning the most profit possible. This is because, while we work as property managers, we also have experienced making this type of investment, and we know how important it is. Trust us with your property and you are sure to not regret it.

Things to Do for the New Year in Big Bear

As long as you spend the New Year’s with people you care about, it will likely be a wonderful occasion. If you spend New Year’s with people you care about in Big Bear, California, it is sure to be an experience that you will never forget. This is the result of great parties and festivities in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Here are some of the things to do for the New Year in Big Bear that you will love!

Winter Trails Day

The Big Bear Discovery Center puts on this annual event to help those new to snow sports discover a new passion. This year’s event will be held on January 13th from 10AM – 2PM and will offer attendees the chance to try a plethora of snow sports completely free! Enjoy snowshoe demos, a snowman building contest, hot cocoa, and much more with the friendly folks of Big Bear.

Guided Snowshoe Eco Tours

If Winter Trails Day piqued your interest in snowshoeing, this event will certainly be memorable! Head out on a guided snowshoe tour of San Bernardino National Forest with one of Big Bear Discovery Center’s naturalists and enjoy beautiful sights of Big Bear’s natural surroundings. You can enjoy one of these guided tours on Saturdays from 9AM – 12PM or 1PM to 4PM, or Sundays from 9AM – 12PM, all through the winter season.

Simply Enjoy a Winter in Big Bear

Parties and special celebrations aside, this is a great time to be in Big Bear because of the beauty and opportunities that are available during the winter. It all starts with a beautiful landscape that becomes even more beautiful when covered in a blanket of snow. Then of course, you have some of the best opportunities for skiing and snowboarding in the world. Bear Mountain and Snow Summit act as a lightning rod for skiers and snowboarders from all over the country because they are some of the most fun ski resorts you will ever find. You can also explore on snowshoes, take helicopter tours, go ziplining, and so much more.

These things to do for the New Year in Big Bear aren’t just about the snow, so those who are more interested in a relaxing mountain vacation without all the hiking or skiing can still find plenty to do, but we have to admit that we always look forward to winter. Start the new year off with a bang and come see why we love Big Bear in this season when you stay in one of our beautiful vacation rentals!

snowman in big bear ca

Winter is Here!

Big Bear is a great place to visit regardless of the time of year, but winter in Big Bear provides a wonderland-like experience that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. This is due to the area’s unparalleled beauty and the endless ways to recreate around the lake and mountains. As such, this is one of the most popular destinations to spend a winter vacation. Here are a few reasons why!

Skiing and Snowboarding

You might be thinking you can do this anywhere. This is partially true. However, there is no place that offers quite the same experience as Big Bear. You can choose from the slopes of Bear Mountain and Snow Summit and there is no wrong decision here. Snow Summit is famous for both its wide open ski runs, and its extensive terrain park area. This makes it the perfect spot for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Bear Mountain offers over 200 acres of every kind of slope you can imagine. Whether you are a professional boarder or it is your first time, you will find a fun and memorable experience snowboarding on the slopes in Big Bear.

Explore on Snowshoes

As long as you prepare your outfit according to the weather, snowshoeing through this beautiful area is the best way to spend a day here. Throughout the valleys and streams of the area you will encounter some of the most untouched and peaceful beauty that you have ever seen. Simply walking around the lake and the surrounding valleys is an amazing experience that is made even more exciting by the tremendous likelihood of seeing majestic deer, hawks, squirrels and many more creatures. Make a day out of it by packing a picnic, just make sure you don’t forget the hot chocolate!

Fly over the Snow

This category is a bit ambiguous, but there are many ways you can fly over the snow here! The first is by taking advantage of the adventure zip line tours, which provide an exhilarating experience with the best view of this beautiful area. There are also numerous snow banks, where the community gathers for snow tube races. You also have the special opportunity to take a helicopter tour of the area, which redefines beauty during the winter months.
As the snow begins to fall in Big Bear, the locals celebrate, because they know that the winter is the best time of year to take advantage of this one of a kind area.

This list does not even begin to provide justice to the endless array of recreation that awaits you in Big Bear during the winter. Come out and find out for yourself and stay in one of our cozy mountain cabins for rent!

snowboarder in mask

Bucket List Activities in Big Bear

Big Bear has become one of the most popular vacation destinations in California due to its unbelievable natural beauty and the endless fun activities that it offers. Regardless of how you spend a day, you are always immersed in the most beautiful surroundings imaginable. It is for this reason that a visit to Big Bear should be a prominent item on your bucket list. The following are a couple of specific examples of great bucket list adventures in Big Bear.

Helicopter Tour of Big Bear

Walking around Big Bear is a great way to experience the immense beauty here, but there is no experience in the world that can compare to exploring this beauty from the sky during your very own helicopter tour. Through one of these tours, you get to see every mountain peak, valley, stream, and of course, the famous lake from a perspective like no other. It is up in the sky above this amazing landscape that you will find the most potently peaceful moments you have ever experienced. Schedule your tour for sunset or sunrise for something truly breathtaking.

Skiing or Snowboarding

Perhaps you have been skiing or snowboarding before and think it is not something you are interested in as a bucket list activity. Well, these activities will take on a whole new meaning to you once you are on the amazing slopes of Big Bear. Big Bear’s two ski resorts, Snow Summit and Bear Mountain, provide the best winter sports opportunities in all of California, and that is really saying something. These massive ski areas provide diverse opportunities, so you can have an amazing time whether you are an expert or if this is your first time. This is some of the best fun in the most beautiful environment that you will find anywhere.


The Big Bear area features hundreds of miles of exquisite hiking trails. Taking advantage of these trails is the best way to enjoy the beauty and break a little sweat while you are at it. You can find easy trails that provide for casual walks through the forest, or challenging trails that will have you sweating. Castle Rock Trail on the southwest side of the lake is one of the most pleasant of these hikes. For one of the best ways to experience this area, take to one of these trails on horseback. Slowly gliding through the forest provides for the most blissful day you have had in quite a while.

These Big Bear bucket list activities and the beautiful landscapes go hand in hand, as nature is a centerpiece of the most valuable experiences here. These are amazing ways to spend a day in Big Bear, but you are sure to find an incredible amount of joy from hunkering down on a patio with a cup of coffee and just taking in all the beauty. Big Bear should be on everyone’s bucket list, especially for those who like nature.

Ready to visit us? Book your stay in a comfortable vacation rental today and start planning your vacation!