Big Bear Lake fishing spots

Top Big Bear Lake Fishing Spots

Not only do families flock to Big Bear Lake every year to enjoy the local attractions, they also come to the lake to partake in some of the best fishing in Southern California. Big Bear Lake has some incredible fishing locations where you are almost guaranteed to find your biggest catch. Some of the spots can be tricky to find if you do not know where to look. Here are the top Big Bear Lake fishing spots that you need to check out:

Spring Season

The best fishing spots around Big Bear Lake all depend on the season you are visiting the area. Fish will migrate to other points of the lake throughout the year. The spring to early summer season is best spent fishing around Pine Knot Landing. We recommend renting your own fishing boat from the Pine Knot Marina that will let you explore this area and up to Gilner Point. If you do not have access to a rental boat, you can easily check out Stanfield Cutoff and Juniper Point where you can throw your line into the water straight from the shore.

Summer Season

The later summer season sees the native rainbow trout, carp, and bass move closer to the north and south shores of Big Bear Lake. Similar to Pine Knot Landing, these two shores are best explored by boat, allowing you to have free reign over the water. Those who wish to keep to land can find their best chances of landing their catch around Windy Point, the North Shore Landing, and Gray’s Landing. North Shore Landing and Gray’s Landing both make it easy with plenty of spots where you can keep comfortable while easily spending a few hours of fishing.

Fall Season

Last but not least, the fall season sees one more shift in the best fishing spots around Big Bear Lake. Boat renters will find their best chances just east of Windy Point closer towards the Observatory. These catches can also be had just offshore in the area between the North Shore Landing and the Observatory.

Your Next Fishing Adventure in Big Bear

If you are looking for the best fishing opportunities in Big Bear, these are your prime destinations. Enjoy the best fishing experience you have ever had by visiting Big Bear Lake this year. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable in between your excursions with luxury amenities and spacious floor plans. Let us find you the perfect vacation rental for your next stay in Big Bear!

Big Bear Activities

1 Week Itinerary for Your Big Bear Vacation

When it comes to a Big Bear vacation, the longer the better. This is because regardless of how long you are here, there is always something new and exciting to see and experience. While it will not allow you to see everything, one week is a great duration for a Big Bear vacation because you can really get to know this unique community and the one-of-a-kind beauty that surrounds. The following should be on everyone’s itinerary for a one-week Big Bear vacation.

Find Your New Favorite Dining Spots

As with any great vacation, your Big Bear journey should start with coffee and breakfast at a local favorite. The local favorite in almost all cases is The Grizzly Manor Café, which is known for epic portions of the best comfort food in town. You can also find amazing mountain breakfasts at the Teddy Bear Restaurant, Mountain Munchies, the Grind & Grill Café.

You will also find many awesome options for lunch throughout Big Bear. One of the most unique spots in town is a local favorite in the Himalayan Restaurant. Here you can find the best Tibetan and Indian cuisine in Big Bear and beyond. You will also love a quick bite at Amangela’s Sandwich & Bagel House, the best pizza in town at Saucy Mama’s Pizzeria, and more.

For dinner you will find many amazing restaurants providing any type of cuisine you could want. For starters, you need to get yourself a steak or North Atlantic Salmon at one of the best fine dining restaurants in town at Captain’s Anchorage. Find other delicious options like the Black Diamond Tavern, the Big Bear Lake Brewing Company, or The Peppercorn Grille.

Find Endless Big Bear Activities

Getting outside is one of the best ways to take advantage of time spent in Big Bear and one of the best ways to get outside is to go for a hike. You will find many wonderful hikes of all different types, whether you are looking for a light stroll or something challenging. For something very easy with a beautiful view check out the Alpine Pedal Path on the north side of the lake. For something a bit more difficult and just as beautiful, then Castle Rock Trail could be the one for you.

Of course, getting out on the lake is an absolute must, and there are enough opportunities to do this so there is something for you to do every day. When you visit the Big Bear Marina on the south shore of the lake, you will find rentals for kayaks, snorkeling gear, speed boats, standup paddle boards, and so much more. Any one of these ways of getting out on the water is sure to provide for some of your best Big Bear memories.

Another unique way to spend a day in Big Bear is to visit the Alpine Zoo. Here, you will find a day’s worth of Big Bear activities, specifically and seeing and learning about some amazing animals that call this place home. Find exotic animals throughout the zoo like bears, bobcats, eagles, and so much more.

Spend a Week in a Beautiful Home

This vacation will also give you plenty of time to live it up in one of the beautiful homes provided by Big Bear Cabins. The real estate throughout town is beautiful, and the selection offered by Big Bear Cabins represents the best of it all. Easily navigate through our listings to find mansions tucked away in the wilderness along with charming beach cottages right on the lake. Regardless of the size or location, these homes greet visitors with charming décor amidst a spacious floor plan, cozy furniture perfect for relaxing with friends and family, fully-equipped kitchens, and quality beds and bedding for when you need a good rest in between adventures. Find the perfect place to spend a week long Big Bear vacation in with Big Bear Cabins!

Big Bear Turkey Trot

3 Ways to Keep the Family Entertained Over Your Big Bear Thanksgiving

Big Bear provides the perfect setting for celebrating any and all occasions, from your favorite holiday to your favorite day of the week. There is never a bad time to visit, but one of the best times to visit is surely over the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a time when plenty of fun opportunities come together with a contagious holiday spirit that makes its way through town. The following are three of the best ways for ensuring everyone is entertained over your Big Bear Thanksgiving.

Visit Santa

As Thanksgiving comes and goes, the general consensus is it time to gear up for the Christmas season. You have an amazing opportunity to do this the day after Thanksgiving in Big Bear with Santa’s entrance and the tree lighting ceremony. The festivities begin at 5 pm on November 23rd in the Village. You can enjoy a whole lot of entertainment along with Santa greeting everyone and lighting this spectacular Christmas tree!

Big Bear Turkey Trot

No Thanksgiving is complete without a Turkey Trot, and Big Bear is home to one of the best you will ever experience. This is largely due to how beautiful the area is, but it is also a byproduct of the amazing community here. Starting at 9 am, you can choose between 3, 6, and 9 mile run options, so the Big Bear Turkey Trot can be whatever type of experience you want it to be. Make sure you register for this spectacular event by visiting You can find the fun at Meadow Park!

Get an Amazing Thanksgiving Meal

Nothing keeps the whole family entertained like sharing delicious food together. You can always find a good meal in Big Bear, but a Thanksgiving brings a special culinary kick with it. You can get classic as well as unique takes on the traditional feast. One of the most traditional and delicious takes can be found at Nottingham’s Restaurant at 40797 Big Bear Blvd. You can find more unique takes on the meal at places like Peppercorn Grille and Evergreen Restaurant.

Celebrate with a Beautiful Vacation

Throughout the amazing selection of vacation homes provided by Big Bear Cabins, you will find endless reasons to celebrate apart from those provided by Thanksgiving. Upon seeing spacious living rooms filled with cozy furniture, blankets, fireplaces, and flat screen TVs, the first reaction is always one of celebration. Visitors also cannot help but celebrate at the sight of rustic mountain décor, cozy beds, and wonderful views of Big Bear. And the kitchen provides an amazing space for preparing the most important aspect of any Big Bear Thanksgiving celebration: the feast! On top of it all, these homes provide an intangible hominess that will make you feel right at home, which is an important ingredient when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving. Find the perfect spot for you by contacting us today!

Halloween in Big Bear

How to Celebrate Halloween in Big Bear

Regardless of the season or the upcoming holidays, you will find an experience in Big Bear that is full of unique things to do. Many of these opportunities are provided by the natural splendor here, but just as many are consequences of a one of a kind community. As Halloween rolls around, you will find as many ways to celebrate here as you will anywhere else. The following are some of the best ways to celebrate Halloween in Big Bear this year!

Trick or Treat in the Village

As fall comes around, the Village turns into a gorgeous scene of autumn colors and brightly lit storefronts. This is the perfect setting to enjoy some trick or treating with the entire family. From 4:30 to 7 pm on Halloween evening, storefronts and booths along the streets are dressed in charming Halloween decorations and provide treats for all the little ghouls and goblins. Over 50 merchants participate, so you can enjoy the treats and also peruse some of the unique items for sale throughout this charming area.

Boo in the Zoo

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo is always up to the challenge of providing a fun and unique Halloween experience for people of all ages. Kids can often find many of these animals rather spooky, like the mysterious bats, spiders, and sneaky cats. Along with these incredible animals, you can find fun in the charming pumpkin patch or you can find a fright in the graveyard. Cool off with Halloween inspired beverages and snacks.

Scare Valley Farms

Bear Valley Farms provides one of the best Halloween experiences in town with their haunted corn maze and haunted hay rides. Encounter goblins and ghouls as you make your way through this one-of-a-kind maze. Find awe in werewolves and witches that you will see throughout your journey along the haunted hay ride. What is even better is you can enjoy the fun and spooky excitement here every Friday and Saturday throughout the month of October, so there is plenty of time to join in the fun.

Find a Beautiful Place to Stay During Halloween in Big Bear

Haunted houses offer a fun Halloween in Big Bear experience, but you sure would not want to stay in one during your vacation! You will not find any haunted houses when you look for a vacation home through Big Bear Cabins. What you will find are beautiful homes, cabins, and condos that will provide a cozy and restful place to spend your holiday vacation. There is a lot to take advantage of throughout town, but you may not want to leave the comfort provided by high quality furnishings, rustic mountain décor, fireplaces, spacious bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms, full kitchens, and much more. Find the vacation home of your dreams in Big Bear today!

Labor Day in Big Bear

5 Incredible Ways to Spend Labor Day in Big Bear

You can never go wrong with a trip to Big Bear, California. But as the summer comes to an end around Labor Day Weekend, opportunities to enjoy the warmer weather in this alpine paradise are growing thinner. So, as this holiday approaches, it is the perfect time to take a trip to Big Bear. The following are five of the most incredible ways to spend Labor Day in Big Bear.


You cannot go to Big Bear without taking advantage of some of the most incredible hikes you will find throughout all of California. There is something for everyone, from short and easy strolls to challenging treks through the wilderness. Something you can always count on regardless of which hike you choose are incredible views and astounding beauty. For an easy hike, check out the Alpine Pedal Path on the north side of the lake. For something a bit more challenging, try the local favorite, Castle Rock Trail.

Hit the Water

There is no better way to spend Labor Day than out on the water. There are countless ways to do this, whether you want to just get a couple of kayaks and explore endless coves and beautiful shoreline, or you want to rent a boat. Sail boats, speed boats, and jet skis offer just a few ways to get out on the water to celebrate. There are six marinas along the shore where you can rent any number of water vessels.


Fishing is another one of those activities that pairs amazingly well with Labor Day, and there are endless ways you can enjoy this activity in Big Bear. You can simply find a place along the shore to cast a line, particularly near Big Bear Marina on the south shore, but you can also make it a very special experience with one of the town’s incredible fishing charters. You can head out into the lake on a boat or be taken to some of the most remote creeks and streams for a fly fishing experience unlike any other.

Picnic on the Mountain

A picnic is always made better by stunning views, and you will find no better than at the Snow Summit Base Camp. The ski runs are closed, but the Snow Summit Scenic Chair Lift is still operating, transporting people to the top of one of Big Bear’s tallest mountains. When you reach the top, you will be floored by the amazing views. Bring your own lunch and settle down for a picnic with loved ones at this incredible site.

Rock Out

The Music in the Mountains Summer Concert Series is sure to provide an amazing experience at 7,000 feet. At the Big Bear Discovery Center, the community will be coming together for the final concert of the season on Saturday, September 1st. The event is free, the air is fresh, and the music is amazing. This particular show features an incredible Eagles cover band.

Find the Perfect Place to Stay for Your Labor Day in Big Bear Trip

A vacation is never as good as it can be when you do not find the perfect place to stay. Luckily, this is seldom a problem in Big Bear, especially when you let the experts at Big Bear Cabins help you find the perfect place. We provide one of the most extensive lists of quality vacation homes in the area, and we make easy to find the right one for you. Whether you are looking for an elegant mansion or a quaint cabin by the lake, Big Bear Cabins can help you have the ultimate vacation. Contact us today to find an incredible place to spend your Labor Day in Big Bear!

two men in a fishing boat at sunset

Top 5 Spring Outdoor Activities in Big Bear

You will find a great experience in Big Bear during the winter. You will find a great experience in Big Bear during the summer. But the spring is an amazing time to visit Big Bear as well, in which you can take advantage of the best of both worlds. Here are just a few of the best spring outdoor activities in Big Bear.

You Can Still Enjoy Amazing Skiing and Snowboarding

People flock to Big Bear during the winter to take advantage of some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country, but you can find some of the best opportunities in the spring, as the slopes typically do not close until sometime in the middle of April. You can enjoy great skiing without the higher rates or larger crowds that come with peak season.


Finally, the ice has let up and Big Bear Lake provides for some amazing recreation again! One of the best ways to do it right in Big Bear is to take to the water by boat. This activity is the best way to blend the fun of gliding across the water with the profound experience of viewing the area’s incredible beauty from a unique vantage point. There is not a moment wasted on the water in Big Bear.

Mountain Biking

Big Bear is not only known for some of the best winter recreation opportunities, but also for its spring and summer recreation. Just as you can find some of the best slopes in the country for skiing and snowboarding here, you can find some of the best slopes in the country for mountain biking as well. Many people pay a small fee to take the gondola up the mountain with their bike, and then shred down the slopes. There are trails for bicyclists of all levels, and this experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable.


Now is the time that you can trade in those snowshoes for a cozy pair of hiking boots, and there are plenty of opportunities to put them to good use in Big Bear. You will find endless networks of trails that immerse you in everything Big Bear has to offer. Some showcase canyons and streams, while others provide the most breathtaking views of the mountains and the lake. There is something for everyone along these paths.

Think Outside the Box

As countless people love to vacation in Big Bear, the community has cultivated endless ways for people to experience this amazing place. One of the most interesting of these is by doing some ziplining. This blends heart-pumping fun with incredible beauty along the tops of the trees. You can also get outside and do some horseback riding, helicopter touring, and so much more.

It is impossible to say that one season or another is the best for a visit to Big Bear, simply because each brings with it something unique and exciting especially when you stay in one of our Big Bear mountain cabins. But one thing is for sure: Big Bear is one of the best spring vacation destinations that you will find anywhere in the world!

woman wearing a red hat in the snow

Big Bear for Valentine’s Day

The best Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones she will never expect: a diamond necklace, a new car in a deep red color, or a southern California vacation spent in a cozy cabin with million-dollar views of Big Bear Mountain Resort! Enjoy cool nights that are perfect for snuggling with your valentine, long days hitting the slopes, and warm après ski drinks in front of a fire. Romance is in the air in Big Bear. What are you waiting for? She’s worth it, isn’t she?

A Hearty Breakfast Can Be Romantic

Your Big Bear Valentine’s weekend is probably going to be filled with activities that will really amp up your appetite, so starting each day with a big breakfast from Mountain Munchies at 42171 Big Bear Boulevard will show her how much you care! Serving diner food at its finest, the breakfast burrito is a personal favorite and is served all day!

Private Massage for Two

Mountain Mobile Massage and Spa brings their talented masseuses to you; no need to fight traffic, face the cold, or even get out of your pajamas! This mobile massage company has been in the business of making people feel better for over 15 years, and beginning Valentine’s Day with a couple’s massage will start the day out right!

Take a Hike for Two

It’s a little cold this time of year, but that just means you have to snuggle in closer, don’t you think? If walking in the cold sounds too much like work, stop in the Big Bear Discovery Center and ask about their bald eagle van tours for a unique nature experience. The bald eagle migrates here from Alaska and Canada from November through April, and being able to photograph one in the wild is an exhilarating experience that can bring a couple even closer!

Romantic Dinner

The most romantic dinners are complemented by stunning views, and the Pines Lakefront restaurant offers the best of both. Offering fine dining with a lakefront view and an extensive wine list, a dinner at the Pines isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience!

Staying in and Reconnecting

Your busy lifestyle often keeps you from getting to spend any concentrated time together, so this Valentine’s Day, why not stay home in your Big Bear Cabins cozy retreat and take the time to reconnect? Sleep late, cuddle in front of the fire, sit under a blanket on the deck, and watch the sun set over the mountains as you share a thermos of Irish coffee. Reserve your cabin today and celebrate your Valentine with the gift of time!

Things to Do for the New Year in Big Bear

As long as you spend the New Year’s with people you care about, it will likely be a wonderful occasion. If you spend New Year’s with people you care about in Big Bear, California, it is sure to be an experience that you will never forget. This is the result of great parties and festivities in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Here are some of the things to do for the New Year in Big Bear that you will love!

Winter Trails Day

The Big Bear Discovery Center puts on this annual event to help those new to snow sports discover a new passion. This year’s event will be held on January 13th from 10AM – 2PM and will offer attendees the chance to try a plethora of snow sports completely free! Enjoy snowshoe demos, a snowman building contest, hot cocoa, and much more with the friendly folks of Big Bear.

Guided Snowshoe Eco Tours

If Winter Trails Day piqued your interest in snowshoeing, this event will certainly be memorable! Head out on a guided snowshoe tour of San Bernardino National Forest with one of Big Bear Discovery Center’s naturalists and enjoy beautiful sights of Big Bear’s natural surroundings. You can enjoy one of these guided tours on Saturdays from 9AM – 12PM or 1PM to 4PM, or Sundays from 9AM – 12PM, all through the winter season.

Simply Enjoy a Winter in Big Bear

Parties and special celebrations aside, this is a great time to be in Big Bear because of the beauty and opportunities that are available during the winter. It all starts with a beautiful landscape that becomes even more beautiful when covered in a blanket of snow. Then of course, you have some of the best opportunities for skiing and snowboarding in the world. Bear Mountain and Snow Summit act as a lightning rod for skiers and snowboarders from all over the country because they are some of the most fun ski resorts you will ever find. You can also explore on snowshoes, take helicopter tours, go ziplining, and so much more.

These things to do for the New Year in Big Bear aren’t just about the snow, so those who are more interested in a relaxing mountain vacation without all the hiking or skiing can still find plenty to do, but we have to admit that we always look forward to winter. Start the new year off with a bang and come see why we love Big Bear in this season when you stay in one of our beautiful vacation rentals!

5 Reasons to Choose Big Bear for Your Christmas Vacation

We all love spending the Christmas season in the comfort of home with friends and family. But travelling to another beautiful area for the holiday season is sure to provide for some of the most fun and lasting memories of your life. This is especially true when you choose Big Bear as the place that you will spend this most special time. The following are five out of the countless reasons that you will love spending Christmas in Big Bear, California.

The Best Snowboarding and Skiing in the World

It is not exactly a Christmas-specific activity, but it sure provides some of the most fun experiences you can have. And the slopes in Big Bear offer some of the best opportunities for this activity that you will find throughout the whole country. You have the option of tearing up two resorts: Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. Bear Mountain is great for those looking for one of the best terrain parks in the country, while Snow Summit offers some of the widest runs you will ever see.

The Most Beautiful Area Imaginable

Big Bear is home to some of the best winter recreation, but simply sitting back and enjoying the beauty is among the most fulfilling ways to spend your time here. Big Bear is the embodiment of a winter wonderland. The lake is spectacular, especially with rolling hills, towering peaks, and snow-capped trees surrounding it.

Countless Ways to Explore

What is better than endless natural beauty? Well, endless ways to explore that beauty, of course! You will find this in abundance in Big Bear. One of the most peaceful ways to do this is to take advantage of the horseback riding services in the area. Renting a pair of snowshoes is also a great way to take advantage of the beauty at your own pace, but you can also go ziplining, hot air ballooning, and even take a helicopter tour.

Great Holiday Shows

You can see your favorite Christmas shows with a great twist in Big Bear. The Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center is putting some of the most unique spins on some of the classics. One show that you will not want to miss is “A Christmas Carol… Askew.” Laugh the night away at this amazing show and countless others.

Finish Up Your Shopping

It can be hard to finish up your holiday shopping, especially because it can get hectic during this season. But shopping in Big Bear is actually a fun experience.

Ready to spend Christmas in Big Bear? Book your stay in one of our amazing vacation rentals and make the most of your stay here.

Your Ski Guide for Big Bear, CA

Big Bear is a great place to visit throughout the entire year. However, the winter is definitely the most magical time for a trip to this amazing area. This is due to unparalleled beauty, tons of recreation, and perhaps most importantly, some of the best skiing and snowboarding that the state of California has to offer. Use this ski guide for Big Bear to have an unforgettable vacation!

Where to Go

Big Bear is home to a couple of the very best skiing and snowboarding resorts in the country: Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. On both, you will find endless slopes featuring amazing snowfall and incredible views.

Bear Mountain offers opportunities for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, but the terrain park is the real showstopper here. Chair lifts 1, 2, 3, 5, and 9 operate on the resort’s third peak, Goldmine Mountain. This is where you will find this endless terrain park. There are obstacles for every level of snowboarder, but the rails are known as some of the best in the country. You can find great bunny hills along with great steep slope runs by riding chair lifts 4, 6, and 8.

Snow Summit is essentially broken down into two parts: the east side and the west side. The west side is the most popular and can be accessed by chair lifts 2, 3, and 9. This is where you will find casual slopes for beginners and intermediate snowboarders and skiers. The east side is serviced by chair lifts 1, 6, 7, and 10 and provides intermediate and advanced runs. Over here you will find a little more peace and solitude, perfect for a rejuvenating day of shredding!

At the end of the day, there is something for everyone out here. So, the best thing you can do is just get out there and explore. In doing this, you will find the things that YOU love about skiing and snowboarding in Big Bear.

Ski Shops

You will not have any trouble finding a place to rent ski gear or get your stuff tuned up so you are ready to hit the mountain. One of the most popular of these shops is Goldsmith’s Board and Skis located at 42071 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA, 92315 in the heart of Big Bear’s south shore. Here, you will find amazing packages at great prices that will ensure you are prepared for anything on the mountain. They also offer all of the services imaginable from waxing your board or skis to fitting your boots.

Feel free to adjust this ski guide for Big Bear to your preferences. There are many decisions when it comes to how you will go about shredding the amazing mountains out here, but the beauty is there are no wrong decisions. No matter where you choose to go stay in one of our comfortable vacation rentals where you’ll have everything you need at your disposal!