Best of Big Bear

How to See the Best of Big Bear in 3 Days

An incredible vacation destination like Big Bear Lake, California deserves to be enjoyed with as much time as possible. But if you are like most travelers and only have an extended weekend to enjoy your trip, have no fear; you can easily see the best of Big Bear with the right travel itinerary. Here is how to do just that:

Day 1: Explore the Big Bear Discovery Center

One of the most popular attractions in Big Bear is the Big Bear Discovery Center. Your family can learn how to connect with nature with in-depth classes, incredible exhibits, and a host of various concerts held throughout the year. Marvel at the live Bald Eagle exhibit where rehabilitated birds are on display with staff who can answer various questions and facts about these incredible birds. The Big Bear Discovery Center even features hiking tours of the area and interpretative programs that are great for kids!

Day 2: Kayak Around Big Bear Lake

If you are vacationing to Big Bear, you have to plan for a full day of excitement on the lake; it’s one of the attractions that is the best of Big Bear. Local rental shops allow you to rent kayak and canoes that can get you on the water for a fun day under the sun. Select your aquatic gear from kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, jet skis, and more. You can even book a charter around the lake from Captain John’s Marina or Pleasure Point Marina. This is a great way to find the secret fishing spots only the locals know about. Finally, local beaches are the perfect spot to set up for a relaxing picnic with which to end your day.

Day 3: Get in the Views

Big Bear Lake has some of the most incredible views in all of Southern California. While the surrounding mountains offer amazing skiing conditions during the winter, they turn into just as fun hiking trails after the snow melts. Take the Snow Summit Sky Chair up to the top of the summit for 360-degree views of the area. Multiple trailheads are found in the area,letting you explore every nook and crevice of the great outdoors in Big Bear.

Your Extended Weekend to Big Bear

Now that you have the perfect itinerary for your three-day trip to Big Bear, make sure to find the right vacation cabin. Our selection of exclusive cabins give you access to resort-like amenities while having the privacy of a full home. Let us find you a rental today that may even include lakeside views.

Polar Plunge

Upcoming Big Bear Events and Festivals to Attend

Once the holidays have ended, the winter blues often begin to set in. The new year can stretch out before us, as long and dreary as the to-do lists we are always starting but never seem to finish! One thing we have learned over the years, however, that when the blues set in, the best way to vanquish them is by planning new adventures! A visit to the zoo, tickets to that band you’ve been in love with for years, or, our favorite adventure of all, travel to places both new and exotic! If you’re looking for an adventure of your own, it’s time to start looking in the direction of Big Bear, and when you want to add a little extra shine to your getaway, planning your trip to coincide with any of these upcoming Big Bear events and festivals will be just the thing!

Alien Snowfest 2, Ufology Conference, January 25th and January 26th

The debate over life on other planets has gone on for centuries and, without solid proof, is likely to continue for centuries as well, but the Alien Snowfest Ufology Conference is here to shake up the status quo! Featuring the top Ufologists in the country, this two-day event includes meals, speeches, and bitterly debated conversations on the arrogance of believing that we are the only inhabited planet in the universe!

Polar Plunge, March 1st through March 2nd

Although the weather is warming up, the water is still a tad chilly, making it the perfect time to check something off your bucket list: the Polar Plunge! Starting with pre-registration on March 1st, there will be food, drink, entertainment and the opportunity to dive in to the cold depths of Big Bear Lake! Proceeds will go to the Special Olympics, and if you raise over $50 for their benefit, the $10 admission fee to the plunge will be waived!

Big Bear Renaissance Faire, 39115 Rim of the World Drive, Fawnskin

Starting the middle of July and ending the middle of August, weekends will be all about the not-so-humble turkey leg. The Big Bear Renaissance Faire comes to town, bringing games, insults, live performances, and more than a taste or two of beer and wine, adding a shimmer of wonderfulness to your summer vacation in Big Bear!

Chase the Blues Away with Big Bear Cabins

If any of your winter blues continue to linger, choosing Big Bear Cabins for your vacation accommodations is guaranteed to light up your emotions. Give us a call today to learn more about Big Bear events and to book your getaway!

Winter in Big Bear

Things To Try This Winter In Big Bear

California winter vacations are as close to perfect as you can imagine and when you decide to visit Big Bear, well, it gets even better! We’re not about beaches, bikinis, and sunny skies that only dim once the stars rise, though; a visit to Big Bear promises ski jumps and snowboarding, cozy nights spent cuddling in front of the fire, and afternoons spent building snowmen with the kids. Our mountain city offers a world of possibilities, some of which we will talk about in this guide to things you should try during your winter in Big Bear; others you will have the fun of discovering for yourself!

Learn Something New

Chances are you have experienced the thrills of sledding down a big hill on the snowiest days of winter, and many of you have schussed down the big slopes at many ski resorts across the nation, but we’re guessing that not a lot of you have snowshoed through the wilderness under a dark sky with only the moon and the stars to illuminate your way! The SkiHaus at 41491 Big Bear Boulevard, rents snow shoes for those who like to do things on their own, or if you prefer, Action Tours California offers a variety of tours for all experience levels.

USASA Rail Jam 2, Bear Mountain, January 27th

This is just one of five different ski events taking place at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit from December 16ththrough February 24thand is a part of the largest snowboarding and freestyling championships in the entire world. When you visit Big Bear on this date, you have the opportunity to watch the best skiers and snowboarders in the world show their stuff; their skills and talents will take your breath away!

Fly Through the Trees

Another fun winter Big Bear activity is ziplining; an activity usually only tried in the warmer seasons elsewhere, Action Zipline Tours offers this adventure all year long! Bundle up and prepare for the flight ofthe lifetime as you view Big Bear from 85 feet up in the air; offering 9 high speed ziplines where you can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, your California winter adventure is sure to be the envy of all your friends and family!

Big Bear Cabins Is the Right Choice for Winter in Big Bear

And as if all of the above wasn’t enough to convince, your first step inside one of our Big Bear Cabins vacation escapes will seal the deal! Luxurious and comfortable and offering a warmth you won’t find in a hotel room, your stay with us will be the best decision you made this year! Reserve yours today!

Snowshoeing Big Bear

4 Fun Big Bear Winter Activities to Enjoy Outdoors

When Big Bear, California calls you for the winter, you know it’s because of the unparalleled skiing resorts in the area. For the outdoorsy person, there’s no other place that can offer so many thrilling adventures and great opportunities to enjoy all the winter sports you can handle. The terrain is groomed, the snow is powdery, and adventure is calling. So pack your gear, your best slope clothes and get ready for the best Big Bear winter activities.

Zip Line the Snowy Forests

When adventure is your middle name and seeking the thrill of the snow is in your blood, then this is the right activity for you. The zip lines are long, the trees under you are covered in snow, and you zoom your way like a bird flying over the roof of the world—only it’s perfectly safe because you’re tethered to a sturdy rope. But you can always pretend that the danger is real and scream your lungs out with excitement.

Snowshoeing Big Bear

Trekking on the snow isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it’s a lot of fun. Think hiking but on a white carpet of fluffy snow. This is your realm, and you can explore it to your heart’s content. There’s a big network of trail perfect for snowshoeing Big Bear to get your blood pumping. Just make sure you have a good meal packed because it’s easy to get lost in all this white beauty around you and forget about food and nourishment.

Sleds and Tubes

Both sledding and tubing are getting more and more popular around here, and for good reason. The snowfall is heavy, the terrain is accessible, and the slopes welcome all levels of experience from novice to black diamond skiers. Tubes are another way to enjoy the snow while you scream and holler like a child. But there’s no need to feel embarrassed; all the adults on the slope are doing it! You can’t tell who’s the grown up and who’s the child, but one thing is for sure: They’re all having fun!

See the Bald Eagle

As we all know, the bald eagle is a national treasure. They’re protected from hunting and can roam the skies as they please. But despite this privilege, not many people have seen them in real life. Well, here’s your chance to watch them spread their wings across the Big Bear skies and swoop majestically on the tallest tree in the forest. Are they hunting or just showing off? It’s up to you to decide.

Big Bear is a wonderful winter destination because of the great outdoor winter sports available for all ages and skill levels. Call us today to book your vacation home and to learn more about Big Bear winter activities.

Scenic views of the lake from a Big Bear Park

The Most Beautiful Big Bear Parks

Because the landscape of Big Bear is so magnificent, it may be a bit difficult choosing just a few parks that outshine the others. Everywhere we turn in our mountain village, each new view seems to be more stunning than the last, but we are definitely going to give it a try. The parks listed here all offer that little extra something that changes their ranking from wonderful to extraordinary. These are the most beautiful Big Bear parks, and if you have the time, adding them to your vacation itinerary will add an extra sparkle to an already perfect getaway!

Boulder Bay Park, 39148 CA-18

Perfect for picnics and kayaking in the summer, hikes along the shores of the lake, and simply for being a place to relax and collect your thoughts. The boulders from which this stunning park has earned its name add something to photos taken here, and the trees and hills that surround the area increase its beauty even more. Take a quiet walk with your thoughts or a more rambunctious one with your family and be sure to stop along the way and enjoy the views from the benches you will find throughout the park.

Aspen Glen Picnic Area, 40105 Mill Creek Road

A park is often described as an area in the center of town designed for recreational use, and although the Aspen Glen Picnic Area doesn’t quite match that description, enjoying a picnic among the simple grandeur of the trees that surround the area may end up being the highlight of your vacation. Located in the San Bernadino National Forest, the picnic tables, grills, and fire pit of this Big Bear park offer a great place to relax before you start your hike along the trails; be sure to bring your camera—the views to be found in this scenic area are breathtaking year-round!

Veteran’s Park, 450 Knickerbocker Road

As we near the season of thanks, we often find our thoughts directed to the veterans that have faithfully served our country throughout the years, and if you are looking for a quiet and scenic spot to reflect on their sacrifices, Veteran’s Park is the place to visit. Located on the banks of Big Bear Lake and surrounded by hills and trees, your Christmas card photo with the family will be the talk of the town.

Living Simply in Your Big Bear Cabins Vacation Escape, and Enjoying Scenic Big Bear Parks

It’s the little things that make up our most treasured memories: sharing secrets with your best friends after years apart, watching your children grow into adults you really like, and family vacations spent with your children while they are young and still think you are the best parents in the world. Staying in a Big Bear Cabins vacation escape will make your California vacation a memorable one—reserve yours today!

Big Bear Turkey Trot

3 Ways to Keep the Family Entertained Over Your Big Bear Thanksgiving

Big Bear provides the perfect setting for celebrating any and all occasions, from your favorite holiday to your favorite day of the week. There is never a bad time to visit, but one of the best times to visit is surely over the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a time when plenty of fun opportunities come together with a contagious holiday spirit that makes its way through town. The following are three of the best ways for ensuring everyone is entertained over your Big Bear Thanksgiving.

Visit Santa

As Thanksgiving comes and goes, the general consensus is it time to gear up for the Christmas season. You have an amazing opportunity to do this the day after Thanksgiving in Big Bear with Santa’s entrance and the tree lighting ceremony. The festivities begin at 5 pm on November 23rd in the Village. You can enjoy a whole lot of entertainment along with Santa greeting everyone and lighting this spectacular Christmas tree!

Big Bear Turkey Trot

No Thanksgiving is complete without a Turkey Trot, and Big Bear is home to one of the best you will ever experience. This is largely due to how beautiful the area is, but it is also a byproduct of the amazing community here. Starting at 9 am, you can choose between 3, 6, and 9 mile run options, so the Big Bear Turkey Trot can be whatever type of experience you want it to be. Make sure you register for this spectacular event by visiting You can find the fun at Meadow Park!

Get an Amazing Thanksgiving Meal

Nothing keeps the whole family entertained like sharing delicious food together. You can always find a good meal in Big Bear, but a Thanksgiving brings a special culinary kick with it. You can get classic as well as unique takes on the traditional feast. One of the most traditional and delicious takes can be found at Nottingham’s Restaurant at 40797 Big Bear Blvd. You can find more unique takes on the meal at places like Peppercorn Grille and Evergreen Restaurant.

Celebrate with a Beautiful Vacation

Throughout the amazing selection of vacation homes provided by Big Bear Cabins, you will find endless reasons to celebrate apart from those provided by Thanksgiving. Upon seeing spacious living rooms filled with cozy furniture, blankets, fireplaces, and flat screen TVs, the first reaction is always one of celebration. Visitors also cannot help but celebrate at the sight of rustic mountain décor, cozy beds, and wonderful views of Big Bear. And the kitchen provides an amazing space for preparing the most important aspect of any Big Bear Thanksgiving celebration: the feast! On top of it all, these homes provide an intangible hominess that will make you feel right at home, which is an important ingredient when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving. Find the perfect spot for you by contacting us today!

village faire

3 Best Spots for Big Bear Shopping

If you are looking for leisurely pursuits, Big Bear is the place for you. You can find them in the form of amazing hikes, one-of-a-kind restaurants, and endless outdoor activities. People are often surprised to find shopping to be a prominent item on this list, as many would not expect an outdoor wonderland to have so many unique shops. The following are three of the best spots for Big Bear shopping.

Big Bear Lake Village

Located on the south shore of Big Bear Lake, this shopping and dining district has it all. Throughout this bustling area, you will find over 120 shops providing for activities for an entire week let alone one afternoon. Find unique and local boutiques like Bear Skins, Himalayan Handicraft Collection, and Del Lago’s Boutique. These are the perfect places for those unique Big Bear items.

Stupididiotic Factory Outlet

This is bound to be one of the most unique places you ever visit for a little shopping. Regardless of whether or not you need something, you are sure to leave this one-of-a-kind store with something. This is due largely to a massive and diverse selection of items that you will not find anywhere else. You will find everything from gag gifts to beautiful clothing, decorations, and more. You can get a lot of awesome products and have a blast while doing it at 40700 Village Drive.

Village Faire

You can find endless ways to spend a day at Village Faire. For starters, you can find well spent time browsing through trendy clothing, crafts, and jewelry. But you can also take advantage of the fact that it doubles as a toy store, book store, arts and crafts experience, and so much more. This is a shopping spree that the whole family will want to be a part of! Find it at 40794 Village Dr.

Find a Beautiful Home

To go with endless shopping opportunities, you will find endless beautiful real estate available for your Big Bear vacation. In order to find the very best that the area has to offer, you should look to the professionals at Big Bear Cabins. When you choose us as your vacation rental company, everything else becomes incredibly easy. We offer cabins tucked away in the countryside along with exquisite rentals on the lake. Regardless of the size or style of the home you decide on, you can expect fine furnishings, elegant décor, cozy beds, and plenty of extra amenities. Contact us today to learn more about our vacation rentals and to book your stay!

Big Bear Discovery Center

Awesome Things to Do in Big Bear on a Rainy Day

Big Bear is one of the best places in the country to visit if you are looking for endless outdoor recreation. But there are occasionally days when the rains come and you cannot take advantage of this beautiful place like you might prefer. Well, on these rare days, do not fret, because there are plenty of amazing activities that you can do. The following are some of the best things to do in Big Bear on a rainy day.

Visit the Big Bear Discovery Center

Just because it is raining outside does not mean you cannot take advantage of this incredible alpine lake. The Big Bear Discovery Center offers an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and learn about this unique area even on the rainiest of days. You can do this through countless exhibits delving into the amazing natural world that is so potent in this area. You can also learn about how to best take advantage of it when the sun prevails and the rain fades. Find it at 40971 North Shore Drive.

Take in Some Art

Regardless of the type of art you prefer, you will find an interpretation of it here. Catch an amazing musical or theatrical performance at the Big Bear Theater Project at 1116 W Big Bear Blvd. If you are looking for some breathtaking paintings, photographs, and everything in between, check out the Silver Fox Gallery at 801 E Big Bear Blvd.

Hit the Shops

There are numerous shopping opportunities throughout Big Bear, whether you want to discover the work of local artisans and craftsmen or visit your favorite national chains. The best place for all the above is The Village Shops and Courtyard at 652 Pine Knot Avenue.

Find a Beautiful Place to Spend Your Downtime

On a rainy day, you will probably spend more time than usual in your vacation rental. This provides all the more reason to make sure it is a place that you are going to love. When you let Big Bear Cabins provide the home, loving it is a certainty. You are sure to love spacious floor plans, high quality furniture, cozy beds, gourmet kitchens, amazing views of the area, and so much more. You can expect features like these whether you are looking for one of our massive mansions or a cozy single bedroom cabin tucked away in the woods. Find the perfect home waiting for you in Big Bear!

Things To Do In Big Bear

5 Great Things to Do in Big Bear for a Perfect Fall Trip

There is something to love about every season in Big Bear, California. The winter brings unparalleled skiing and snowboarding opportunities, while the summer comes with endless fun on the lake. But nestled in between them lies one of the best times to visit Big Bear: the fall. It bridges the gap wonderfully between the two, making for many unique opportunities. Below we have listed the top things to do in Big Bear for a perfect trip this Fall!

Visit East Boat Ramp Beach

This is one of the best places to find a sandy beach and enjoy Big Bear Lake throughout the entire area. Fall brings with it the perfect opportunity to enjoy it because there is still plenty of good lake weather to enjoy, but the big crowds of the summer have dissipated a bit. If you are looking for a fun and peaceful day on the beach, now is the time to get after it.


For the 48th year in a row, Big Bear will be home to one of the most epic Oktoberfest celebrations in the country. There is so much to love about it, but one of the main selling points is that the festivities take place every weekend from September 8th through all of October. This means you will have ample opportunity to drink delicious German beer, hear amazing music, eat great food, get in on the dancing, singing, and all the fun! You can find it at the Big Bear Convention Center.

Enjoy the Fall Colors

Many people travel here from Los Angeles in order to see the brilliant colors of fall. You can enjoy this by simply walking outside, but the best way to view it is from the lake aboard the Miss Liberty Tour Boat. From the perspective that this lake tour provides, you can see how the gorgeous colors of fall surround the lake.


Big Bear is always good for a fishing trip, but fall is certainly one of the best times to cast a line out. Big Bear is known for its great trout fishing, and there is no better testament to this than the fishing experiences that the fall brings. You can find any place along the shore to set up a chair and enjoy the peace and beauty. To drop a line, head towards the dam.

Big Bear Hikes

Hiking is a great fall activity because it is nice and cool, but it is not cold. Going on one of the area’s favorite trails, you will be perfectly comfortable in a long sleeve shirt. Try Castle Rock Trail for something a bit more challenging and perhaps the Alpine Pedal Path for something casual. Regardless of the trail you choose, you can be sure you journey will be filled with incredible beauty during your Big Bear hikes.

Find a Lovely Place to Call Home

With all this fun, it certainly pays to have a nice place to rest up, and there is certainly no shortage of nice places to rest up in Big Bear. This will become very apparent with one look at the exquisite listings provided by Big Bear Cabins. As one of the premiere vacation rental companies in the area, our selection of homes is second to none. You are in luck if you are looking for anything from a single bedroom condo in town to an elegant mansion tucked away in the peaceful forests of Big Bear. Contact us today to book your dream getaway and to learn more about things to do in Big Bear in fall!

Big Bear Trip

How to Spend Your 48 Hour Big Bear Trip

Big Bear is as ideal of a place for a vacation as you will find anywhere. Between endless beautiful landscape and plenty of ways to take advantage of it, you can keep yourself busy in Big Bear for months. But being that this is a very popular spot for weekend getaways, it is important to know how to get the most out of this incredible area within 48 hours. Throughout this time, you can find great excitement, relaxing activities, and endless beauty. Here are some ideas about how to make the most out of your 48 hour Big Bear trip.

Start Having Fun!

To start off, you can really get to know the area by having breakfast at one of the town’s beloved diners like Grizzly Manor or Teddy Bear Restaurant. Comfort food in massive portions served in a place that does well in capturing the charm of this small town is a great way to start! From here, you can stay in the downtown area exploring the town’s unique streets, finding endless art galleries, shops, and more, or you can go with the safe route in heading straight to the lake for some fun.

There are many ways to find fun on the lake. A great way to begin your adventure here is by jumping on the Miss Liberty Tour Boat, which provides amazing views of the town and wilderness along with insight into the history. It is also always a good idea to rent a boat, jet skis, or really any watercraft for a day of lake recreation! The lake tends to take it out of you, so you should find one of Big Bear’s phenomenal restaurants for a delicious dinner and then head back to your vacation rental where you can lounge around the fire.

It is always good to start the second day on a relaxing note. You can find numerous spas throughout town, or simply find a charming café by the lake for that morning cup of coffee. Once you are nice and loose, head out to one of Big Bear’s amazing hiking trails. You can find easy trails, where the focus is more on beautiful views rather than high exertion. Bring a picnic along to enjoy on a beautiful vista and make a lovely afternoon out of it. After this, you can choose between many Big Bear attractions like the Alpine Zoo, the Discovery Center, and so much more. Or you can always find a nice piece of shore where you can hunker down and cast a line out for some fishing.

Sleep Like a King During Your Big Bear Trip

Of course, about one-third of your 48 hour Big Bear trip will be spent asleep. As such, a very important part of maximizing your 48 hours here is having a wonderful place to sleep. That is why you need to find a beautiful and cozy place to stay while you are here. As luck would have it, there is no shortage of amazing vacation rental options in the area, especially when you trust Big Bear Cabins to provide the perfect place for you and your group. As one of the top vacation rental firms in the area, we offer the widest selection of homes, each offering the highest quality and something unique. Great beds, cozy furnishings, spacious floor plans, and luxurious amenities are only a few things that you will love about each and every one of these rentals. Find the right place for you by contacting us today!