one of the many family attractions in Big Bear you can visit

5 Fun Family Adventures in Big Bear

If you are looking for a family-friendly vacation destination, look no further than Big Bear in Southern California. This tourist hotspot has near-endless options of activities and attractions in the area for individuals of all ages to enjoy. Here are some fun family attractions in Big Bear for your family to enjoy:

Big Bear Lake Discovery Center

Your family can enjoy arts and crafts with a visit to the Big Bear Lake Discovery Center. This attraction features life-size stuffed animals so the kids can see how big bears and mountain lions are in person. Other activities include nature walks, hands-on exhibits, and access to a variety of hiking trails. The Big Bear Lake Discovery Center is open Thursday through Monday and is free to enter.

Big Bear Alpine Zoo

If your kids want to see live animals up close, take them to the Big Bear Alpine Zoo. Rescue animals are sheltered here and include grizzly bears, mountain lions, reptiles, and more. These family attractions in Big Bear are a great way to learn about these unique creatures in person. Tickets start at $12 for adults and $9 for children with all proceeds going to charity.

Big Bear Historical Museum

When your family has had enough of exploring the animal exhibits,visit the Big Bear Historical Museum to learn more about the rich history in the area. This hands-on museum features a refurbished 1875 log cabin, historic photographs, mining artifacts, and much more. Entry into the Big Bear Historical Museum is $5 for individuals 15 and older with the younger children getting in for free.

Family Attractions in Big Bear at Boulder Bay Park

You will find the perfect family photo spot at Boulder Bay Park where your family can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. Teach the kids how to kayak and fish or relax and have a picnic right on the shore of the bay. Big Bear

Solar Observatory

Any children who enjoy astronomy need to take a trip to Big Bear Solar Observatory. You can tour the observatory with your family for free on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Show them the stars with this free activity in Big Bear.

Your Family-Friendly Big Bear Getaway

These family-friendly activities await you and your children in Big Bear Lake. Start planning for this all-ages vacation by reserving one of our exclusive vacation rentals found around the area. Each rental includes resort-like amenities to make sure your stay is comfortable. Book online today and get ready for Big Bear.

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Upcoming Events to Check Out in Big Bear

Your vacation to Big Bear promises to be an adventure you will never forget. Filled with exciting activities, magical moments, and fulfilling experiences you won’t find anywhere else, it’s no wonder our mountain village is adored by travelers from all over the world! And still, there are certain times to visit that are even better than others: when fun events are occurring! We’ve compiled this guide to upcoming events in Big Bear because we want our guests to experience EVERYTHING that is wonderful about our favorite place on earth, so check out the guide and plan your vacation accordingly!

Chamber Gala, Big Bear Convention Center, February 23rd

Remember that time when you walked down the red carpet in your finest attire and were blinded by the flashes of the paparazzi cameras? Your date was handsome in his elegant tux and you stunned in that form-fitting royal purple gown that brought out the violet in your eyes. Wait, you’ve never experienced that red-carpet moment? Well, your February visit to Big Bear can change all that! The Chamber Gala is a formal event with silent auctions, haute cuisine, live performances, and of course, that red carpet! While we can’t promise you paparazzi, we can promise a good time and a good deed, as the proceeds go towards scholarships, workforce development programs, and a few other youth-oriented enterprises. Your night living as the Hollywood elite will be one to remember and cherish forever!

23rd Annual Victor Alvarez & Race at Snow Summit, March 9th

From sad events come good deeds and great times. Victor Alvarez was a beloved instructor who died in a skiing accident in 1994, and this ski race was developed in his memory. Featuring a silent auction with proceeds going to the Big Bear Ski Education Foundation, the goodies offered include ski vacations, gift baskets, and so many more wonderful items we just don’t have the time or space to list them all here! Registration starts at 8 AM in the Snow Summit Race Team Office and the races begin at 10 AM. Everyone who can afford the $80 admittance fee for adults and $50 fee for children are welcome to participate! It’s definitely one of the best upcoming events in Big Bear to visit!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, April 27th, Big Bear Lakes Performing Arts Center

Sometimes all you need to turn an excellent evening into a stellar one is a hearty dinner—we recommend The Peppercorn Grille—and a live performance of The Hunchback of Notre Dame! Ok, that’s a bit specific, but we really think this performance will be the highlight of your vacation, and you really need to see it!

Book a Stay to Visit these Upcoming Events in Big Bear

Your Big Bear vacation will be even more wonderful when you stay in one of our cabins. Cozy, rustic, and elegant, our cabins are more than just a great place to rest your heads each night; they are an integral part of your vacation experience! Reserve your stay with Big Bear Cabins today.

coffee at one of the best coffee shops in Big Bear

Best Coffee Shops In Big Bear

Your choice in coffee is a very personal one. That pumpkin spice latte topped with whipped cream is one girl’s fantasy and another man’s nightmare. You could be the type that needs their morning wake-up drink to be black, strong, and thick as mud, or you may prefer the decaf more for the taste of the coffee than for the energy the caffeine provides. Whatever your flavor, whatever your choice, nothing ruins a good vacation more than the lack of the proper brew, and because we want your vacation to be a perfect one, we are providing this guide to the best coffee shops in Big Bear!

Alpine Country Coffee Shop, 41546 Big Bear Boulevard

A couple of our fathers here at Big Bear Cabins have recently retired, and we find it interesting how they fill their suddenly free days. They wake up in the mornings, head to the Alpine Country Coffee Shop, and spend a good portion of their day drinking coffee, reading the paper (Yes, they still make newspapers!) and chatting with employees and guests that frequently said shop. The coffee is strong, rich, and dark, the meals they serve are hearty and delicious, and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming—perfect for retirees or visitors to Big Bear!

One of the Best Coffee Shops in Big Bear: Tea and Coffee Exchange, 40568 Village Drive

One of the major problems in our house is agreeing on a spot to go when we need some caffeine. Our house is divided evenly down the middle, with half of us being coffee drinkers and the other half only enjoying a nice cup of tea! Fortunately, the Tea and Coffee Exchange allows us to maintain a peaceful harmony, and when your divided family visits, you’ll be able to come together in caffeinated tranquility as well! Just a tip: Their peach scones with passion fruit glaze area bout to become your newest addiction!

Big Bear Coffee Roasting Company, 41080 Big Bear Boulevard

The best coffee shops are the ones in which the staff is as passionate about its wares as are the customers, and Big Bear Coffee Roasting Company is a perfect example. From the quality beans that are delivered green and roasted in house daily to the final brew served to their guests, their love of coffee cannot be missed. And the best part? All their coffees are sold online and can be shipped to your hometown, no matter where in the world you live!

Your Big Bear Cabins Cozy Escape

Oh no, the secret’s out! The best cup of coffee is the one you brew yourself in the fully equipped kitchen of your Big Bear Cabins vacation property. Start each morning with a cup of joe enjoyed as you watch the sunrise over the horizon from the back deck, feeling the peace of your surroundings feed your soul. Reserve your stay in Big Bear today!

Valentine’s Day in Big Bear

Reasons to Spend Valentine’s Day 2019 in Big Bear

Now that the winter holidays have concluded, it’s time to sit back, relax, and revel in being able to spend quality time doing absolutely nothing—or is it? If you haven’t looked at the calendar lately, you may not have realized that Valentine’s Day is just a few short weeks away, and that special someone in your life is going to be expecting something spectacular! Before you start suffering from the panic sweats, take a moment to breath and then check out our Big Bear Cabins love nests; nothing says you’re important to me more than a romantic getaway to one of the most beautiful places in the nation! If you’re still not convinced (even though that clock is tick, tick, ticking!), here are some more reasons you should be spending this Valentine’s Day in Big Bear!

Weather Meant for Cuddling This Valentine’s Day in Big Bear

The thing about visiting a more tropical locale is this: Who wants to cuddle when just holding hands makes you break out in a sweat? That won’t happen in Big Bear. In fact, the opposite is true. With temperatures in the 40s and 50s by day and 20s by night, you’ll want to huddle close to the one you love, rekindling the fires of your romance as you warm each other against the chill of the night. Love burns bright in Big Bear on Valentine’s Day!

Picnics in the Park

There is something heart-stopping about a picnic in the park with the one you want to stay by your side for eternity, and even in the winter, Boulder Bay Park is the perfect place to picnic with your partner! Bundle up in your warmest clothes, clear off a picnic table, and enjoy a simple meal in the peace and quiet. If it’s too cold for dining this Valentine’s Day in Big Bear, a walk around the lake and a snowball fight is our favorite way to show our spouses how much we love them; maturity is severely overrated when it comes to romance!

Dinner for Two?

The quickest way to either of your hearts is through the stomach, and Big Bear offers a variety of romantic restaurants guaranteed to increase the wow factor in your mountain village getaway! The Peppercorn Grille is our favorite romantic restaurant, offering exquisitely prepared meals that are guaranteed to please. Low lighting, white tablecloths, and quietly attentive wait staff complete the ambience of romance and love.

Hot Tubs in the Snow

While not all of our Big Bear Cabins come with hot tubs, if you want the perfect romantic weekend, be sure to rent one that does! The contrast of cold night air and warm bubbly water is indescribable, as are the feelings you will share as you stare into each other’s eyes on this cold Valentine’s night! Our cabins are designed for romance and love—reserve yours today!

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Top Big Bear Events to Attend in January

The winter blues tend to set in sometime in January. The hustle, bustle, and warmth of the holidays have concluded, and the wintry landscape found outside your door has somehow lost the charm and appeal it once had. White Christmases are magical experiences, but slushy Januarys are simply no fun! If you find yourself with a case of seasonal depression, however, the best way to overcome can be by heading on a January journey to Big Bear and attending any of these exciting events in Big Bear that are taking place during the month!

Events in Big Bear: Movies in the Meadows, Winter Session, Snow Summit Base Area

Some people may think it silly to travel somewhere just to watch a movie in the snow, but we say life is short, just go for it! The movies are held twice a month from December through April and are free to attend. January’s movies will be held on January 5th (Ratatouille) at 5 PM and on January 19th (The Crood’s) also at 5 PM. Bring a chair, bring a blanket, and lose yourself in the magic of winter!

Bald Eagle Celebration at the Big Bear Discovery Center

What many people may not know is that Big Bear is a popular bald eagle habitat, and if you visit on January 12, 2019, you have two ways to celebrate. Volunteer to help count the eagles, which helps us keep track of these magnificent birds, or simply attend the celebration, where you will learn all about these symbols of American patriotism and why they choose Big Bear for their winter home!

USASA Slopestyle #1 and #2 at Bear Mountain

The United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association sponsors a show of the best boarders and skiers in the nation, and Bear Mountain is home to more than a few of the shows. Their January expositions will be held on January 13thfrom 10:15 AM through 12:30 PM and on January 27thfrom 4:00 until 5:00 PM. Prepare to be stunned at the talent of these young men and women, and don’t be surprised if your own children find themselves dreaming to be just like them when they grow up!

Do You Really Need a Special Event to Visit Us?

January can be a long and boring month, but when you spice up your winter days with a visit to Big Bear, a bevy of events in Big Bear, and a stay in one of our Big Bear Vacations cozy and welcoming cabins or lodge-style homes, the sun will come out from behind the clouds! Reserve your stay with us today.

Winter in Big Bear comfort food

Best Restaurants for Winter Comfort Food in Big Bear

In a world where many people prefer sunny days and summer temperatures, we could be considered a bit odd. For us, it’s winter that brings smiles to our faces! When the air is cold enough that we can see our breath and we heart he crunch of our boots in newly fallen snow with every step, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the comfort food that manages to not just warm our insides, but also our souls. Winter in Big Bear is a magical time of year, and when you make it your vacation destination, you get to appreciate all of its majesty—including the taste of winter comfort foods served at the Big Bear restaurants we have listed below!

Mountain Munchies, 42171 Big Bear Boulevard

On the coldest mornings, it can be difficult to drag yourself from the warmth and coziness of the cloud-soft beds we offer in our Big Bear Cabins winter havens, but when you know that a big and hearty breakfast is awaiting you, it makes the transition that much easier! Mountain Munchies is famous throughout Big Bear for every meal on their menu, but it’s that perennial favorite, chicken fried steak, and eggs, that gets our hearts beating a little faster!

Azteca Grill Mexican Restaurant, 40199 Big Bear Boulevard

Comfort food comes in all flavors and styles, and while we tend to think of true comfort food as American-style dishes made of meat and potatoes, in our house, on winter days when we think we can never get warm, a visit to Azteca Grill Mexican Restaurant immediately changes our outlook! How can you be cold and sad during Winter in Big Bear when the spicy flavors of your favorite taco tantalize your palate and the colorful décor brightens your day?

Nottingham’s Restaurant, 40797 Big Bear Boulevard

Our moms were amazing chefs, creating hearty and rich meals from a pantry that was sometimes sparse and bare, but on one night in particular, they would outdo themselves. Meatloaf night, in all of our homes, brought a twinkle to our eyes, and today, when we visit Nottingham’s Restaurant, we find that our eyes begin to sparkle all over again. Their meatloaf marinara, made with beef and venison, might be a little better than the fabulous comfort food dish our moms made, but if you tell them we said that we will deny, deny, and deny some more!

All the Comforts of Home During Winter in Big

Whether you find yourself making a grilled cheese sandwich in the kitchen of one of our Big Bear Cabins cozy escapes, napping in the armchair in front of a roaring fire, or soaking the aches and pains of your days on the slopes in one of our cabins with hot tubs, all the comforts of home will be yours when you choose us. Reserve one of our cabins today!

Winter in Big Bear

Reasons to Visit Big Bear in the Winter

While most people tend to plan their vacations for the summer when the sun is always shining,and the temperatures are sultry, you like to do things a bit differently. Always marching to the beat of a different drummer, your favorite vacations are the ones taken in winter. Cold weather, snow on the ground, and the sight of other like minded individuals dressed in their wintry best makes you happy. And because we are fans of people who like to think outside the box, we are inviting you to spend your next winter vacation in our mountain village. Here are some of our favorite reasons why visiting Big Bear in the winter will make you happy!

Skiing in Big Bear

The mountains that surround our idyllic town are more than just for show; they are home to two ski resorts,Bear Mountain Ski Resort and Snow Summit Ski Resort,allowing you and your family to double your fun during your California vacation! Offering rentals and lessons in both locations, skiers of all experience levels will soon learn the joys of a winter day spent skiing in Big Bear on the slopes.

Helicopter Big Bear Tours, 501 Valley Boulevard

To be completely honest with you, tours of Big Bear by helicopter are a treat any time of the year, but we think the views are more magical when experienced in the winter. A blanket of snow softens all the harsh edges of our village, and the mountains standing guard in the background are nowhere near as bleak as you might think they may be—especially when enjoyed from a bird’s viewpoint! With prices starting at $35 per passenger, the tours offered by Helicopter Big Bear will easily fit into even the tightest of vacation budgets.

Explore the Village

The shopping and entertainment district is perfect to play in year round, but in the winter,when it’s decorated for Christmas, The Village truly comes alive. Enjoy shopping at cute boutiques, fill your stomach with tasty foods, or simply take a bench and spend an afternoon people watching; everything fun happens here!

Enjoy the Cold from the Inside

After a day spent outside, the warmth of your Big Bear Cabins vacation escape will start to look pretty good! Build a fire, brew some coffee, and cuddle up close with the one you love most in life; our sofas are comfortable and soft and you won’t want to get up unless you absolutely have to! Reserve your stay today and discover the beauty of a Big Bear winter.

Riding a bike down to one of the many big bear spots you have to see

Big Bear Spots, Off the Beaten Path, that Only Locals Know About

Our favorite kind of vacation involves living as the locals do. We tend to hit the high tourist spots when we feel like it, but coming home from a trip and knowing that we experienced a side of the town we were visiting that most tourists never see sends us off on a natural high. If we are kindred spirits and you enjoy the same type of vacations we do, this guide to the off the beaten path spots only locals know about will ensure your Big Bear vacation will move up the ranks to the top spot of your list of best vacation getaways!

Gold Fever Trail, Holcomb Valley Turnoff

Originally,we were quite the hot spot during the Gold Rush in the 1860s, and although there weren’t a lot of fortunes made during that tumultuous time, today you can get a hint of what all the hubbub was about when you explore the Gold Fever Trail. This self-guided tour touches upon 12 Big Bear spots that are mostly still visible today. Starting with the Holcomb Valley Trail, leading participants to spots named Two-Gun Bill’s Saloon and the Hangman’s Tree, and ending with an opportunity to explore where the last major gold find was discovered, the trail offers a peak into the historic past of Big Bear and the surrounding communities.

North Shore Café, 39226 North Shore Drive

Nothing’s worse than waiting in line for an hour or more due to a restaurant’s popularity with the tourist crowd, but that won’t be an issue when you dine at the North Shore Café. Famous for not being overridden with tourists and offering good solid meals for an extremely reasonable price, this is not the place to eat if you want to “see and be seen!”

Bluff Lake Reserve, Mill Creek Road in Angelus Oaks

Located about 34 miles southwest of Big Bear, Bluff Lake Reserve (The Wildlands Conservancy) is a place that we don’t like to share with too many people, but because we like you, we’re making an exception! Only open from May to October, this Big Bear spot offers something you don’t often find in today’s world:a chance to experience true peace and serenity. Home to rare plants, a quiet pond, and a variety of wildlife, it was once the backdrop to scenes in the 1961 version of “The Parent Trap” and Dr. Doolittle 2 in 2000. Since being purchased by The Wildland’s Conservancy, no further movies have been made here.

Offering a Similar Peace to These Big Bear Spots

Our Big Bear Cabins are waiting for you to make them your temporary homes. Peaceful, quiet, and offering breathtaking views of the Big Bear countryside, your California vacation will be even more magical when you stay with us—reserve yours today!

Top Places to Propose in Big Bear

Big Bear is a small town near the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in California. As such, it offers some of the most unique beauty and abundant recreation. Because of this, it has emerged as one of the best places to visit in the country because there is something for everyone here. Taking a trip here with the intention to propose would make for one of the best experiences of your life. Here are some of the best ways to propose in Big Bear.

Propose on the Water

Big Bear Lake is famous for its clear blue waters, which make you feel like you are in a tropical paradise. But here, the lake is surrounded by massive mountains and lush forest, making for astounding views. Spending a day on a boat is one of the best ways to take advantage of this incredible area. You can rent a speedboat, sailboat, and many more options. After a day of exploring this beautiful lake, the moment will be perfect for your proposal. It would be great to try and time your proposal with the sun setting over the lake. This will be one of the most beautiful settings for this important moment in your life.

Propose on the Mountain

Thousands upon thousands of people come to Big Bear every year for its incredible mountains. Hiking, mountain biking, and skiing are all great ways to take advantage of this wonderful area so you have many options to plan your proposal around. If you both love skiing or snowboarding, proposing on the chair lift or at the top of the mountain would be amazing. If you aren’t a big winter sports enthusiast, you can plan the trip for the spring when the weather is incredible and the area is bursting with color.

Explore the Trails on Horseback

There are endless opportunities for great horseback riding adventures in Big Bear, and it is one of the most relaxing and beautiful ways to explore the area’s beauty. Nothing sets the mood for your proposal like casually riding through the forest and arriving at a picnic that you set up earlier. This is sure to be the most memorable day of your life.

Regardless of where and how you propose, you can be sure that Big Bear will provide all of the fun and beauty that will make your proposal incredible romantic. After this experience, this amazing place will have a special place in your heart. Let Big Bear help make your proposal perfect!

Romantic Big Bear

Romantic Vacations in Big Bear

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more romantic place in the country than right here in Big Bear, CA. The perfect seasonal climate and beautiful landscapes, along with countless activities to do in the area, have made Big Bear a top destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Whether it’s a honeymoon celebration, engagement proposition, or your 50th anniversary, we’re confident that you’re going to fall in love with the area while staying in one of our Big Bear cabins.

Four Seasons to Love

Much of the majesty surrounding Big Bear is its relatively mild four-season climate. Looking for a sunny, romantic, outdoor vacation that isn’t going to induce heat exhaustion? Come to Big Bear during one of the summer months. Are you hoping to hunker down in our log cabins by the fireside while the snow falls outside? Stay in Big Bear for a holiday getaway in December. Don’t underestimate, however, the beauty of a California fall or spring. Find the happy medium between climates and enjoy the changing colors of the trees when you visit Big Bear in April or October.

Beautiful Views & Wildlife

All of the good weather is perfectly accompanied by the natural beauty of Big Bear. The city itself is situated on the south shore of Big Bear Lake, the largest snow fed reservoir lake in Southern California. It is also Southern California’s largest recreational lake. Gaze out into the San Bernardino Mountains while boating on Big Bear Lake for a truly wondrous view.

The surrounding San Bernardino Forest is full of wildlife, making you feel like Los Angeles is in another world entirely. It’s not uncommon to see actual black bears meander around the region that holds their namesake. Don’t worry about bear attacks too much; the black bear isn’t aggressive like the grizzly bears that used to roam the region.

No Excuses for Boredom in Big Bear

The diversity of landscapes means that there’s also a wide range of outdoor activities in Big Bear. Catch some fish on Big Bear Lake and cook them up back at the cabin as a dinner for two. Hit the slopes for a few days of skiing or snowboarding if you visit during the winter. Hiking the surrounding San Bernardino Mountains can be done pretty much year-round, and offers some of the best views in California.

We also understand that there are going to be nights where you want to lay low. Big Bear City is a quaint town with plenty of restaurants, shops, grocery stores, and specialty services. Book your cabin in Big Bear today to experience the romantic vacation of a lifetime.