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5 Fun Big Bear Facts

This may be your first visit or your millionth visit to our favorite mountain village, but we’re willing to place a hefty wager that there are quite a few things you don’t know about the area! Everyone knows this is where you come to rest, relax, and recharge in a Big Bear Cabins vacation rental, but have you ever wondered why the area is called Big Bear? We have the answers to that fun question and a few others; all you need to do is make yourself comfortable and continue reading below these Big Bear facts!

Big Bear Was Once THE Spot for Hunting Big Bears!

Not very original, no, but when Benjamin Wilson first came to the area, it was a popular spot for hunting grizzly bears. Today, as you explore the trails that surround Big Bear Lake, you can relax somewhat. The grizzly bears are gone, but you may still spot a few brown bears roaming around!

There’s Gold in Them Hills

Or there used to be, that is! The largest gold rush in Southern California was started by Bill Holcomb in 1860, and although the veins have been stripped, Gold Rush Mining Adventures allows you the opportunity to experience what early Californians must have felt when they first struck gold!

Was Big Bear the Original Hollywood?

Well, not exactly, but the first movie filmed in the San Bernardino Mountains was filmed here in 1911. It took five wagons to transport sets and scenery up the mountain where you are skiing on today; we’re guessing the movie wasn’t that popular, because we’ve never heard of “Romance of the Bar O” have you?

This is Where the Stars Live

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that many of your favorite celebrities make their homes here; the natural beauty of Big Bear attracts visitors from all walks of life! It’s rumored that Brittney Spears has a vacation home here, and Mel Blanc (the voice of Bugs Bunny), Roy Rogers, and Max Factor have all lived here at one time or the other. Who knows who you might spot shooshing down the slopes next to you!

The First Hotel Was Constructed in 1888

Today, we know that it’s the cabins that make Big Bear such a perfect vacation destination. Our Big Bear Cabins are trendsetters in an industry that doesn’t always offer what you think they should! Our cabins are cozy, warm, and look exactly as they appear on our website! Reserve yours today and discover why our cabins are the only ones that the smartest people rent! We hope you enjoyed our Big Bear facts and are now ready to begin your adventure in Big Bear!