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1 Week Itinerary for Your Big Bear Vacation

When it comes to a Big Bear vacation, the longer the better. This is because regardless of how long you are here, there is always something new and exciting to see and experience. While it will not allow you to see everything, one week is a great duration for a Big Bear vacation because you can really get to know this unique community and the one-of-a-kind beauty that surrounds. The following should be on everyone’s itinerary for a one-week Big Bear vacation. Find

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Big Bear Turkey Trot

3 Ways to Keep the Family Entertained Over Your Big Bear Thanksgiving

Big Bear provides the perfect setting for celebrating any and all occasions, from your favorite holiday to your favorite day of the week. There is never a bad time to visit, but one of the best times to visit is surely over the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a time when plenty of fun opportunities come together with a contagious holiday spirit that makes its way through town. The following are three of the best ways for ensuring everyone is entertained over your Big Bear

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The Copper Q

Best Big Bear Bakeries

You want to know our favorite part of any vacation we have ever taken? It’s getting the opportunity to taste the food that is a specialty of that region, especially when it comes to trying out the bakeries in each town we visit! If you happen to agree with us and are planning on visiting Bend in the near future, we have a special treat just for you! We’ve compiled this list of the best bakeries in Big Bear, so be sure to

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3 Upcoming Big Bear Events You Must Attend

There are endless reasons why people love visiting Big Bear, California. You would be safe in assuming that the natural splendor here is among the top reasons for a visit, but the community provides countless fun and unique opportunities as well. Some of those opportunities are fast approaching in some of the town’s favorite events. The following are three of those upcoming Big Bear events that you will not want to miss. Oktoberfest The amazing thing about this Oktoberfest is that it takes

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village faire

3 Best Spots for Big Bear Shopping

If you are looking for leisurely pursuits, Big Bear is the place for you. You can find them in the form of amazing hikes, one-of-a-kind restaurants, and endless outdoor activities. People are often surprised to find shopping to be a prominent item on this list, as many would not expect an outdoor wonderland to have so many unique shops. The following are three of the best spots for Big Bear shopping. Big Bear Lake Village Located on the south shore of Big Bear

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Halloween in Big Bear

How to Celebrate Halloween in Big Bear

Regardless of the season or the upcoming holidays, you will find an experience in Big Bear that is full of unique things to do. Many of these opportunities are provided by the natural splendor here, but just as many are consequences of a one of a kind community. As Halloween rolls around, you will find as many ways to celebrate here as you will anywhere else. The following are some of the best ways to celebrate Halloween in Big Bear this year! Trick or

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Big Bear Discovery Center

Awesome Things to Do in Big Bear on a Rainy Day

Big Bear is one of the best places in the country to visit if you are looking for endless outdoor recreation. But there are occasionally days when the rains come and you cannot take advantage of this beautiful place like you might prefer. Well, on these rare days, do not fret, because there are plenty of amazing activities that you can do. The following are some of the best things to do in Big Bear on a rainy day. Visit the Big Bear

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Sweet Basil Bistro

5 Best Healthy Places to Eat in Big Bear

Big Bear is the place to go for an endless array of activities, from boating to snowboarding. As it is a very active place, it is good to know that there are many restaurants that provide wholesome and healthy meals so you can maintain your energy throughout your time here. The following five places to eat in Big Bear are the healthiest and most delicious. Himalayan Restaurant Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine is practically synonymous with healthy, and the best place for this type of

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Things To Do In Big Bear

5 Great Things to Do in Big Bear for a Perfect Fall Trip

There is something to love about every season in Big Bear, California. The winter brings unparalleled skiing and snowboarding opportunities, while the summer comes with endless fun on the lake. But nestled in between them lies one of the best times to visit Big Bear: the fall. It bridges the gap wonderfully between the two, making for many unique opportunities. Below we have listed the top things to do in Big Bear for a perfect trip this Fall! Visit East Boat Ramp Beach

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Big Bear Trip

How to Spend Your 48 Hour Big Bear Trip

Big Bear is as ideal of a place for a vacation as you will find anywhere. Between endless beautiful landscape and plenty of ways to take advantage of it, you can keep yourself busy in Big Bear for months. But being that this is a very popular spot for weekend getaways, it is important to know how to get the most out of this incredible area within 48 hours. Throughout this time, you can find great excitement, relaxing activities, and endless beauty. Here

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