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Big Bear 4th of July!

Get ready to have your Independence Day in one of the most beautiful places in Southern California. Big Bear Lake hosts a fireworks show from a barge on the lake that makes it easy for anyone to view it from almost anywhere in the area. In addition to the light show, Big Bear has plenty of activities for you and your family to partake in during the celebration. Check out some of our favorites below! Above the Boom: 4th of July at 8,200

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Kayaking and Canoeing in Big Bear

No matter if you’re at the North Shore landing or hitting the water from the Marina in Metcalf Bay, kayaking is popular all across Big Bear Lake! Whether you prefer the deeper seats of a canoe or the windmill motions of kayak-paddling, these small boats may be the best way to enjoy time on the lake. You get to take total control of your voyage—no driver but you, no passengers but your family or friends! They may be man-powered, but its good, rewarding

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Top Attractions for the Night Owl in Big Bear, CA

While Big Bear, CA may be world-renowned for its year-round outdoor recreation, it has no shortage of nightlife opportunities to offer locals and visitors as well. This means you can play all day and well into the night. Regardless of the type of evening you may be in the mood for, there are options ranging from low-key dive and sports bars to colorful live music and nightclub venues. Black Diamond Tavern Black Diamond Tavern is a great spot to get your evening started.

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Top Reasons to Visit Snow Summit in Big Bear Year Round

1. Great Mountain Access Snow Summit has 240 skiable acres that incorporate more than 30 trails. The top elevation of the mountain is 8,200 feet with a base elevation of 7,000 feet. Throughout the resort there are 14 total Mountain Lifts 2 High Speed Quad Chairs, 2 Quad Chairs, 2 Triple Chairs, 5 Double Chairs, and 3 Moving Carpet lifts. No matter if it’s the middle of winter with plenty of snow or the middle of the summer, you will be able to

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Top Lakes, Rivers, and Waterfalls in Big Bear

Summer is upon us, and with the sun rising high and the temperatures climbing to match, so many of us feel the call of the water! Whether you want to plunge in and play, go out on a boat, or just find a retreat where the water provides some cooling imagery, the mountains around Big Bear Lake have you covered for all aquatic activities. The next question you need to ask yourself is: where to? Big Bear Lake The most obvious choice is

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Five More Can’t-Miss Attractions in Big Bear

Some attractions, you simply can’t miss. Anyone who frequents Big Bear knows about them: Big Bear Lake, Boulder Bear Park, Snow Summit, the Alpine Zoo, and more. Then there are others that are less well known, but just as loved! If you want to milk Big Bear for all its worth during your vacation here, the spots below are the places you need to visit. Big Bear Discovery Center This is like a visitor’s center mixed with a museum and a hike! The

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The Top Summer Events in Big Bear, California

Throughout California, you can find countless destinations that serve as amazing places to visit regardless of the season. Depending on where you are, the state offers everything from surfing and fishing to snowboarding and hiking. Big Bear, California is one place in particular, that offers incredible recreation 12 months a year. Another aspect of this community that makes it such a great place to visit is the incredible events schedule. You will find that the summer schedule is chock full of unique events

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Live Music in Big Bear

Top Live Music in Big Bear!

Are you visiting Big Bear, California? Are you a music enthusiast? If you are, then make sure you catch live music at any one these venues in the Big Bear area! The Cave This local favorite has entertainment almost every night of the week, from hip hop to tribute bands! The Cave serves hand crafted drinks and a good time! There’s not a bad seat in the house, so you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you have a good view.

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Girls' Getaway to Big Bear

Planning a Girls’ Getaway in Big Bear

We have a reputation for being a place for family vacations, but Big Bear offers great pastimes for all sorts of groups. So, if you’re looking for a great place to get away from it all and enjoy mountain air with your best friends, then grab some of your favorite gal pals and starting thinking about a trip to Big Bear! Hike and Nature Walks Leave social media behind for a while and enjoy some of Big Bear’s beautiful scenery. Take it easy

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What’s Happening in Big Bear? The Top April Events in Big Bear

For many, April brings Spring Break and a chance to take the kids on a great getaway! April is also the time where many warmer climates see the tell-tale signs of summer, and temperatures begin climbing to the 90s. That’s why April is a great time to take a vacation to Big Bear, California’s favorite mountain retreat! Plus, April is the only chance you’ll have to catch these four events, all at the beginning of the month. If you’re looking for something to

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Five Family-Friendly Activities and Attractions You Should Check Out

The beautiful town of Big Bear isn’t just a mountainside haven for adults; it’s a great destination for adventurous visitors of all ages! There are a myriad of kid-friendly attractions and activities available that are sure to have your children cherishing memories of their family vacation for years to come. With so much to do here in Big Bear year-round, we picked only a handful of our favorite kid-friendly things to do and see, some of them based on whether you plan on

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Playing in the Snow at Big Bear, CA!

It may seem a little strange to be talking about playing in the snow when most of the country is already planning their summer vacations, but the heat will soon be upon us and we’re not quite ready to let go of winter; can you blame us? The active snow season ends in mid-March, but it’s never too late to start planning for next year, so we have provided a list of snow activities that are fun for every member of your family.

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Top Restaurants in Big Bear Village

If you are like most of us, one of your favorite vacation activities is discovering new restaurants and trying all the foods that are unique to the area you are visiting. Mexican food, seafood, barbecue—each destination offers up a new meal that promises to be your favorite and rarely lets you down! Eating out on vacation can sometimes be the highlight of your trip; remember that time you climbed what seemed to be 3000 steps to the top of the lighthouse, only to

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Big Bear Wildlife Watching

Big Bear Lake is a medium sized lake found about 100 miles east of Los Angeles. The lake and the adjacent Big Bear City have always been a special place for people to get away and enjoy some of the natural wonders of the world. Besides the scenic beauty here, you can also enjoy the amazing beauty of the numerous species of wildlife that roam throughout the area. The Wildlife The area was named for the massive grizzly bears that roamed here in

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picturesque san bernardino mountains

Top Views in Big Bear, California

Big Bear is known for great skiing, fun vacations, and for being the spot with the best views in the United States, so it may be difficult narrowing down the list of the top views in Big Bear, but we’re going to give it a shot! You, our beloved guests, deserve a vacation filled with great memories, fantastic food, and postcard-worthy photographs that will remind you of the fabulous time you had in Big Bear. We’ve spent many hours hiking trails, visiting parks,

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Top 5 Cheap Eats in Big Bear

Okay, let’s be honest: planning a vacation budget never goes exactly according to plan. This means that you need to find the restaurants that give the biggest bang for their buck. So if you’re looking to save a few dollars here and there, these are the restaurants—in no particular order—that you need to check out on your visit to Big Bear! Thelma’s Family Restaurant Thelma’s has been around for several decades, making it a staple for both locals and repeating tourists. It’s best-known

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Romantic Big Bear

Romantic Vacations in Big Bear You’ll be hard pressed to find a more romantic place in the country than right here in Big Bear, CA. The perfect seasonal climate and beautiful landscapes, along with countless activities to do in the area, have made Big Bear a top destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Whether it’s a honeymoon celebration, engagement proposition, or your 50th anniversary, we’re confident that you’re going to fall in love with the area while staying in one of our

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Cap Off Your Big Bear Experience with a Great Cup of Joe!

Whether you come to Big Bear for the brisk mountain air and the thrill of skiing in the wintertime or you come for the scenic hiking and pleasant days by Big Bear Lake during the summer, there’s nothing like starting off your day with an amazing cup of coffee in one of the quaint coffee shops in this charming alpine town. Before you hit the slopes or the water, check out our list below of the top local coffee shops to grab a

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Rental Spotlight: 1071 – Dawson’s Peak

This week’s rental spotlight is on 1071 Dawson’s Peak. This vacation rental is a prime example of a luxury winter cabin. The cabin is ripped right from a movie and available for you to rent. The tri-level cabin is nestled in the trees of Upper Moonridge, a location that has extraordinary views of the surrounding mountains and ski slopes. The cabin has four decks for you to enjoy the scenic views and will be perfect for your next Big Bear vacation. Kitchen One

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The Top Things to Do on Big Bear Mountain

One of the best things about living in Big Bear is our proximity to the plethora of activities we can partake in year-round. More than just skiing (although we LOVE spending a crisp winter morning schussing down the slopes!) there is no end to the fun adventures that can be had on our favorite mountain. Keep reading for a list of activities that will keep you entertained and active during your Big Bear vacation. Mountain Biking This summer sport is made more fun

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Big Bear for the Holidays

Spend the Most Cheerful Season of the Year in the Pleasant Mountain Town of Big Bear Lake! Big Bear Lake, California has the distinctly unique privilege of being the only cozy mountain ski town in the middle of Southern California, making it ideal for spending a snowy holiday season on the slopes or exploring the jovial events held in this alpine town. When you’re not hitting the slopes to ski or snowboard, take the time to enjoy the holiday revelry in Big Bear

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Top Five Upcoming Events in Big Bear

As the days shorten and grow chillier, and fall starts thinking about turning into winter, Big Bear begins to become a hot spot of fun and excitement. Not that it isn’t always fun and exciting here, but as the holidays grow closer, the excitement clicks up a few notches! Cooler days mean more time spent outside, while chilly nights offer opportunities for snuggling close to the one you love as you celebrate Oktoberfest, or trick or treating with your kiddies at the Big

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Big Bear, California: Your Vacation Guide

You would think that when you live in a state, you would become numb to its beauty and charms, but we can tell you that is not the case in California, and is especially not so in the Big Bear area. Every morning, we wake to a deep seated thankfulness that THIS is the place we call home, and the only thing that makes us happier than living here is being able to share our love of our charming community with you! There’s

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Top Big Bear Hiking Trails to Check Out on Your Next Vacation

Big Bear Lake is the perfect location to stretch your legs and really enjoy the outdoors. Many hiking enthusiasts love the scenic trails that surround the lake, and find hiking the perfect activity to partake in while on their Big Bear Vacation. As such, we have taken suggestions from guests and locals to compile the best trails to experience during your trip in Big Bear; below are the top five hiking trails that we think you will love! Castle Rock Trail Castle Rock

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