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5 Healthy Restaurants in Big Bear to Eat at Post 4th of July

The buns have been put away and the grill’s been cooled down, and you suddenly find yourself looking at nutrition information again. If you ate a little too much while celebrating America’s birthday, it’s time to get your diet back on track! Try one of these healthy restaurants in Big Bear to keep yourself feeling good about what you eat.

Amangela’s Sandwich and Bagel House

After a day of hot dogs (and a week of leftovers), why not try some lighter fare? With soups, salads, wraps, and sandwiches, Amangela’s provides a great change of pace. Their smoothies are fresh, relying on the taste of the fruit rather than added sugar. They offer vegan options as well. And don’t be disappointed by the “healthy” label—their portions will make sure you leave full! Amangela’s is on Village Drive, west of Bartlett Road.

Big Bear Local

If you’re hoping to find smoothies rather than pies and rice rather than fries, try Big Bear Local! The name hides it, but their food is actually Hawaiian inspired. They’ve picked plenty of flavors, from jerk to Korean, to pack their homemade-tasting bowls full of flavor, and even offer granola bowls for a sweet treat. You’ll find Big Bear Local on Big Bear Boulevard, between Bear Park Drive and Alden Road.

Sweet Basil Bistro

This Italian spot is a nice choice if you’re looking for a soup or a salad. However, if you see one of their plates of pasta go by, it may require you to exercise some restraint! It’s off of Big Bear Boulevard and Lynn Road.

Fuji Restaurant

Nothing cuts out unnecessary parts like sushi! Fuji Restaurant embraces the simplicity of Japanese foods, with all ingredients contributing to the flavor with minimal impacts on its nutritional worth. Tempura aside, each option here will feel great to eat! It’s worth noting that service tends to be slow here, but it’s also one of the only options for Japanese cuisine in Big Bear. It’s located right off Big Bear Boulevard, west of Main Street.

Himalayan Restaurant

Thai and Nepalese cooking never works without fresh ingredients, so Himalayan Restaurant makes sure to use the best they can get! The food here gets excellent reviews, from the curry to the masala, with healthy sides like lentils. The portions are generous too, so if you’re trying to cut back, you may ask for a box ahead of time! Himalayan Restaurant is located on Pine Knot Avenue just north of Village Drive.

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