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5 Reasons to Choose Big Bear for Your Christmas Vacation

We all love spending the Christmas season in the comfort of home with friends and family. But travelling to another beautiful area for the holiday season is sure to provide for some of the most fun and lasting memories of your life. This is especially true when you choose Big Bear as the place that you will spend this most special time. The following are five out of the countless reasons that you will love spending Christmas in Big Bear, California.

The Best Snowboarding and Skiing in the World

It is not exactly a Christmas-specific activity, but it sure provides some of the most fun experiences you can have. And the slopes in Big Bear offer some of the best opportunities for this activity that you will find throughout the whole country. You have the option of tearing up two resorts: Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. Bear Mountain is great for those looking for one of the best terrain parks in the country, while Snow Summit offers some of the widest runs you will ever see.

The Most Beautiful Christmas in Big Bear Imaginable

Big Bear is home to some of the best winter recreation, but simply sitting back and enjoying the beauty is among the most fulfilling ways to spend your time here. Big Bear is the embodiment of a winter wonderland. The lake is spectacular, especially with rolling hills, towering peaks, and snow-capped trees surrounding it.

Countless Ways to Explore

What is better than endless natural beauty? Well, endless ways to explore that beauty, of course! You will find this in abundance in Big Bear. One of the most peaceful ways to do this is to take advantage of the horseback riding services in the area. Renting a pair of snowshoes is also a great way to take advantage of the beauty at your own pace, but you can also go ziplining, hot air ballooning, and even take a helicopter tour.

Great Holiday Shows

You can see your favorite Christmas shows with a great twist in Big Bear. The Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center is putting some of the most unique spins on some of the classics. One show that you will not want to miss is “A Christmas Carol… Askew.” Laugh the night away at this amazing show and countless others.

Finish Up Your Shopping

It can be hard to finish up your holiday shopping, especially because it can get hectic during this season. But shopping in Big Bear is actually a fun experience.

Ready to spend Christmas in Big Bear? Book your stay in one of our amazing vacation rentals and make the most of your stay here.