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5 Reasons to Visit Big Bear Even Without the Snow

Big Bear is renowned for offering some of the best skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the country. But you do not have to be a winter sports expert in order to enjoy a vacation here. There is so much more to enjoy about this place during the winter.


The natural beauty that you can find in and around Big Bear is a big part of what makes it such a great place to take a rejuvenating vacation. One of the best ways to take advantage and explore this beauty is by taking hikes. You will find countless beautiful trails immersing you in the beautiful landscapes of the area from the shores of Big Bear Lake to the mountains and hills surrounding. You can find great places for snowshoeing, as well as plenty of dry ground for your classic hike.

Scenic Drives

Another way to enjoy this incredible beauty is by viewing from the amazing vantage point provided by many scenic driving routes. The roads are well-kept and safe even during the winter, so you can feel safe and cozy in your car, all the while seeing some of the most amazing sights the area has to offer.

Experience the Alpine Slide

The Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain is one of the most unique attractions throughout the Big Bear area. It provides amazing fun for visitors and even locals. What you have here is the once in a lifetime opportunity to feel what it is like to bobsled down a legit track.


Regardless of the season, you can count on some amazing fishing opportunities throughout Big Bear. The winter is the best time to find success in fishing for trout. While many of the marinas are closed, there are many areas of the lake that are not frozen over. Places like Stanfield Marsh and Grout Bay offer some of the best opportunities, but you will find many great areas. Fishing during the winter is one of the most relaxing and peaceful activities you will ever experience.

Visit the Big Bear Discovery Center

This is one of the best ways to find a little refuge from the cold for a day of fun and learning. Regardless of your age, you will find fun in endless activities and exhibits exploring winter in the mountains. This is a very appropriate way to spend a day in one of the most beautiful mountainous areas in the country.

It is true that some of the activities in Big Bear require snowfall, but there are endless ways to spend a fun day around this area. This short list only scratches the surface of the endless activities available to you during a winter vacation in Big Bear. Make your vacation unforgettable by booking one of our beautiful lakefront cabins today!