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5 Relaxing Activities in Big Bear Lake, California

So, you’re here in Big Bear Lake in a beautiful cabin rental and you’re looking to take it easy. What does taking it easy look like in Big Bear? Well, there are plenty of options—here are five activities in Big Bear for those looking to relax and destress.


Not surprisingly, hiking is one of our favorite activities in Big Bear. The California weather encourages it from April through October, and views are hard to beat. Hiking doesn’t need to be strenuous—try out Town Trail or Snow Summit Trail for a relaxing stroll. Or, head to Club View Drive to find some more moderate trailheads. It’s a fine way to combine mental relaxation with light exercise. Please remember to wear sunscreen and to rest as needed—it’s easier to get sunburned and short of breath at 7,000 feet!


Since vacation is about treating yourself, why not go to a spa? The Village Spa is located conveniently in the town’s shopping hub, but there are other places like Altitudes Massage that are worth seeking out. And some people argue that the relaxation of a spa isn’t worth leaving the home. But why not have both? Mountain Mobile Massage & Spa has been voted among the best spas in the area, and they come to you!


One of the best excuses ever for sitting motionless in a boat, fishing is perfect for whiling away the hours. And hey—you can even come home with a prize for your efforts! You can try renting a boat at the Big Bear Marina, Pleasure Point Marina, Big Bear Charter fishing, or another such service and casting out for bass, trout, catfish, and more!


Land suitable for a golf course can be scarce in the mountains, but Bear Mountain Golf Course found room! This is the only course in the area, and the scenery alone makes it a lovely place to go. Concentrate your focus on each shot, then let your mind clear as you walk to your ball.

Boat Tours

The water is fun for everyone! While thrill-seekers may be looking for wave-boarding and parasailing, there’s plenty of leisurely ways to enjoy the water. One such way is by checking out the paddlewheel boat tours offered by Big Bear Queen—just get comfy and watch the view go by!

You’ll find Big Bear Queen by the Big Bear Marina. While there, consider paddleboats and kayaks as well—they’re more demanding physically than a boat tour, but just as calming mentally. Get in a good paddling groove and explore the lake at your own pace.

Enjoy All the Activities in Big Bear Lake

We assumed you were already enjoying a fabulous vacation home when you began reading this—if you’re not, we can fix that! Call us at 877-473-5360 to book a beautiful stay in one of California’s best cities.