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Big Bear Oktoberfest

Top 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Big Bear

Big Bear is a small mountain resort town with a big heart, and there’s more than meets the eye to us than just our big ol’ lake! Here are 5 of the top things you may not have known about Big Bear:

Big Bear Lake is actually Man-Made!

If there’s one attraction in Big Bear that sounds out above all else and guides millions of people each year from around the world to visit, it has to be Big Bear Lake itself! Swimming, kayaking, fishing… you name it, Big Bear Lake has it! But one thing you may not have known about Big Bear Lake is that it’s actually a man-made lake, and was created in the late 19th century to hold water to supply the citrus farms in Redlands.

It Wasn’t Always Called Big Bear Lake

Just like most places in the world, Big Bear Lake has seen its fair share of different names before it finally settled on what we know it as today! Before 1845 the natural water reservoir was initially known as Baldwin Lake, but when Benjamin Wilson came to the area he found a large amount of grizzly bears who called the area their home. Stunned by the size of the bears and the amount in the area, Wilson found it fitting to rename the area Big Bear Lake!

Big Bear is a Hot Spot Destination for Hollywood

With all the incredible natural beauty and scenery that we are fortunate to have here in Big Bear it’s no wonder that Hollywood often comes to our doorstep to film for some of their biggest movies! Many motion pictures have been filmed in Big Bear, including scenes from Gone with the Wind, War Games, Old Yeller, and more!

A Favorite Training Destination for World Class Athletes

Over the years Big Bear has truly become a favorite location for world-class athletes to train, primary due to its high elevation and close proximity to large cities such as LA or Las Vegas. In the past it has been the training home for legendary champions such as Oscar de la Hoya, and today many MMA fighters and professional bike riders train right here in town! That means you never know who you may run in to when you visit Big Bear…

Big Bear Oktoberfest is One Heck of a Good Time!

You may not know it from the outside looking in, but one of the best places to celebrate Oktoberfest in all the United States is right here in Big Bear! The Big Bear Oktoberfest celebrations began decades ago with true German immigrants who made their way to Big Bear, and the party hasn’t stopped every year since! We celebrate with authentic German beer and food, live music, and more! If there’s one best kept secret about Big Bear that you didn’t know above all else, this is it!

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