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fall activities in Big Bear

Activities to Enjoy Before the Snow Arrives

Just like that, another year is coming to an end here in Big Bear, and with it comes cool weather and snow! Our vacation destination is the perfect home for exciting activities to enjoy all year round, but the snow can drastically change your plans if you were hoping to enjoy some outdoor fun before it gets too cold. Here are some fall activities in Big Bear we recommend to do now before it’s too late:

Check Out the Changing Leaves

If you come from a different climate you may be excited to finally see leaves change colors during the fall season. The trees in Big Bear are full of bright orange, red, and yellow leaves that adorn the treetops. Take a walk down any local hiking trail and you will find all sorts of colors to gaze at. The eventual snow will cover up these beautiful leaves (or knock them to the ground) if you wait too long.

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Exploring the Big Bear Discovery Center

The hiking trails around Big Bear are some of the best in Southern California. We recommend spending an exciting day at the Big Bear Discovery Center where you can learn all about the region before exploring the surrounding trails. The trailheads at this educational center are easy and perfect for hikers of all skill levels. You can even bring a picnic basket to enjoy lunch outdoors; make sure to bring a jacket though, because the fall can still be a little chilly!

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Catch a Rainbow Trout

Each year up until November the Department of Fish and Game supplies Big Bear with plenty of rainbow trout to go around. However, the best conditions to land your biggest catch are during the fall months of September, October, and November. The fish are smart enough to know food becomes scarce when the cold months of winter finally roll through. You can practically fish from any spot in Big Bear and catch a humongous rainbow trout!

Winter and Fall Activities in Big Bear

If we listed all the fall activities in Big Bear you can enjoy, we’d never be done writing! Stay warm this fall and winter season by reserving one of our vacation cabins in the area. Each property will keep you close to all the exciting attractions around Big Bear while having access to the most needed amenities. Whether you’re looking to get in one more vacation before the snow comes or hoping for a wintery vacation getaway, Big Bear Cabins is here to help! Call today and see which cabin will be perfect for your stay in Big Bear.

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