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Getting Used To Big Bear Lake Travel

One of the more confusing parts of any vacation to a new place is learning how to make your way around the town you are visiting. Is it worth renting a car? Is the transit system a good one? Can you make do with a bike and the occasional ride share? All of these are valid questions, and because you chose to stay in one of our Big Bear Cabins vacation rentals, you’re about to learn why your choice was the right one. We don’t believe our responsibility to our guests ends once we’ve taken your money and handed you your keys; we’re here to make sure your California vacation is the best you’ve ever taken, and the answers to your questions will be found below! Learn about the reasons to travel to Big Bear California below:

Rent A Car

Although the transit system in Big Bear is a good one, you’re still probably going to want to rent a car while you’re here, if only for those times when you want to take a drive through the region. The mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests work together to create some of the most unbelievably awesome scenery. Pack a lunch and plan for a picnic on warmer days, but on snowy days, make sure your rental car is prepared for the weather. If you’re unsure about driving safety, don’t do it; it’s always better to be safe than sorry in our books! Big Bear Lake travel fits all needs!

Public Transportation

The Mountain Transit System is a good one, offering routes that traverse the town and the surrounding areas, but when the weather is bad, you may want to check and see that they are still running. Scheduled to be open every day of the year except for New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, taking the bus can be a convenient and inexpensive way to get around Big Bear.

Ride Share Companies

Because a lot of your explorations can be done on foot or by bike while staying in Big Bear, it’s entirely possible to stay here and not rent a car—especially with the onset of ride-share services. Uber and Lyft operate here, and we also have Big Bear Cab Company for those who still appreciate the convenience of a good taxi.

Big Bear Lake Travel

You can’t go wrong with choosing Big Bear Cabins for vacation accommodations. We offer luxury rentals, lakefront homes, and even some pet-friendly cabins so the entire family can enjoy a wonderful vacation together! Give us a call and reserve yours today!