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Tips When You Visit Big Bear

If you have ever visited a friend in another city, you’ll instantly understand the fun of getting to know a new place from an insider’s point of view. Your “guide” takes you to the restaurants with the shortest wait times and most delicious foods, knows which tourist attractions are worth spending your money on and which ones to avoid, and knows all the best spots for hiking, biking, fishing, and more! When you rent from Big Bear Cabins, we become your good friends in Big Bear! Your vacation here promises to be just like the ones we described thanks to the insider tips we share with our favorite guests: you and your family! Learn about the reason to visit Big Bear Lake below:

When You’re Hungry, But Everyone Wants Something Different

You want a burger, your wife is a vegetarian, your teenage daughter wants seafood, and for some inexplicable reason, your 8-year-old son has decided German cuisine is the only meal he will consider. Everyone’s tired, everyone’s hungry, and the cranky levels are through the roof, so what are you going to do now? Head to the Barnstorm Restaurant, where the eclectic menu offers something for everyone! Located at 501 West Valley Boulevard and only open for breakfast and lunch, your vacation explorations will go a lot smoother after a lunch at the Barnstorm! There are plenty of reasons to visit Big Bear!

The Best Place for a Cup of Tea

It sounds extra-specific, but when you’re a tea drinker like some of us here at Big Bear Cabins, you find yourself disappointed at the selections available at many places. In Big Bear, however, Tea & Coffee Exchange offers a gourmet selection of loose teas, coffees, and other locally sourced foods that will make your taste buds tingle!

Top Live Music Venue

Big Bear is a small town, and not one that you would normally consider a big concert place, but The Cave, located at 40789 Village Drive, is a popular spot to see all your favorite performers and cover bands! Comfortable seats and an intimate venue means allows you to feel as if they are performing in your living room!

The Best Way to See Big Bear is From Above

Helicopter Big Bear allows our guests to get a bird’s eye view of our favorite place in the world; what are you waiting for? For a unique sightseeing experience, head over to and choose your tour package!

Visit Big Bear Lake

We’re not bragging, but the best place to stay in Big Bear is in one of our Big Bear Cabins vacation escapes. Reserve yours today and discover all the ways vacation accommodations can increase the wow potential of your once in a lifetime Big Bear vacation!