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What to Pack for Your Big Bear Vacation

With the modern amenities present in vacation cabins in Big Bear, you sometimes wonder what extras you can bring to the city. However, it is best advisable to pack as if you are going to a place with little or nothing at all. Here’s your Big Bear packing list for the perfect outing in Big Bear, California.

1. Enough Clothes

Big Bear has every little bit of what nature has to offer. From its snowy peaks to dry lowlands, your dress code in the city will depend on the prevailing weather conditions. If you are arriving during winter, you will need to pack those heavy jackets. For summer, your light clothes will work magic. Summer vacations allow you to enjoy the sunshine of the city without compromising your fashion sense.

2. Phone and Laptop Chargers

Going out for a vacation in Big Bear doesn’t mean you should disconnect from the rest of the world. You will need your gadgets for different reasons. From communication with friends and family to analyzing the weather trends, you will need their batteries charged to capacity. These gadgets also help you capture the crucial moments of your vacation and document them.

3. Sunscreen and Other Toiletries

California is known for its sunshine. Bring your sunscreen to protect your skin. Do not be fooled by Big Bear’s comfortable summer temperatures or cold winters; always have your sunscreen as a precaution. Other toiletries not to forget are toothpaste, soap, hair conditioner, and paper towels.

4. Bring Your Shoes

The type of shoes you bring to Big Bear will either make or break your holiday experiences in the city. If you are the kind of vacationer who wants to explore the mountaintops, you will need to bring your hiking boots. Your sneakers too will be crucial for those lazy strolls around the city.

5. Leave a Space for Your Favorite Spices

Yes. You read that right. Bring your favorite spices to the city. While our cabins in the city have well-stocked kitchens, there is no need to take chances. Spare some space in your backpack and stash your favorite flavors in there.

Where to Stay in the City

With the list of what to bring in the city already in place, it is time for you to select appropriate rentals for your vacation. Armed with luxurious holiday cabins, we have all you need for your stay in the city. Reach out to us today for your luxury cabin rentals.


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