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Action Tours

When you vacation to Big Bear, you are probably looking for a thrilling experience that you will remember for years to come. Big Bear is home to a variety of outdoor activities in which adventurers will love to take part. Many of these Big Bear activities are available through Action Tours, a local outdoor adventure company that specializes in zip lines, Segways, snowshoe tours, and much more. Take a look at what kind of fun Action Tours can show you in Big Bear:

Flying Zip Line Tours

There is no better view in Big Bear than up from the treetops. Get an unparalleled view when you book one of the thrilling zip line tours with Action Tours. Their affordable zip line tours get you high up into the trees as you travel 35 miles per hour across nine different high-speed zip lines. Guests start with a short off-road trek through an unmaintained forest road that takes you from the van transportation to the start of the zipline course. While you wiz through the air you will see some of the most unique views around Big Bear that include Johnson Valley and Mount San Gorgonio, which is the highest peak in Southern California. Further, the zipline adventures aren’t the only thing you can do with Action Tours, the teetering suspension bridge is just as fun as you brave the heights. The zip line tours also feature various seasonal activities such as the Pumpkin Smash fall activity. You will be able to quickly zip down the line as you throw a pumpkin at your target—very exciting! Add your zip line tour to any additional packages to save.

Adventurous Segway Tours

Segway tours in other cities might be a slow affair in a city environment, but with Action Tours, you will be taking on the outdoor wilderness as well. Action Tours’ Segway routes will show you all the best views of Big Bear in the area. A guide to show you the basics of riding and using their local knowledge to give you the best tour content so you’re in for the perfect Segway PT experience. You will first learn how to operate the Segway with a safety crash course and then you will be on your way. Learn the history of Big Bear from a Certified Segway Tour Guide and explore the beautiful forest. Segways are the perfect way to take in the beauty around the Big Bear area and include treks through the forest and around Big Bear Lake. There is something truly unique about this mode of transportation that combines the serene experience of a hike with a bit of adrenaline from the speed of the Segway. The fall season is a great time to see the many leaves changing colors above you. Each tour includes an instructional session to teach you how to use your Segway.

Traversing Snowshoe Tours

Last but not least, schedule an exciting snowshoe tour when you visit Big Bear during the winter. Navigating Big Bear by snowshoe is an unforgettable experience during the winter months! You will go across various terrain and choose your level of difficulty for the trail. All ability levels are welcome for this immersive experience. Guests will enjoy the beauty of the winter solitude amongst the Jeffrey and Ponderosa pine trees surrounded by snow-capped Big Bear Mountains. The multi-terrain snowshoe tours are customized to each group so you can choose to go easy, go hard or any combination. The beauty of snowshoeing is that there are many trails you can enjoy that are not accessible via snowboarding or skiing, immersing you in the peace and quiet of the Big Bear wilderness. The snowshoeing tour is fun for all ability levels, and they provide your equipment (snowshoes and trekking poles) and training with experienced guides. Snowshoeing is a way to experience nature around Big Bear in a traditional winter fashion that is simply not available in other trekking methods. We highly suggest that you try out this uniquely Big Bear tour to see more around the lake and mountain areas than you could ever dream of seeing.

Scheduling with Action Tours

Get started by scheduling your next adventure with Action Tours. You can call them to make reservations by calling 909-866-0390 or by going online to Action Tours is open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at 40957 Big Bear Boulevard. Action Tours is the best place to start your adventure planning as they have access to all of the best in action-adventure excursions in Big Bear. Make sure you check out their website for more information on these amazing activities and to see firsthand accounts of what they have to offer.

More Exciting Adventures in Big Bear

As you can see, there is plenty of fun waiting for you in Big Bear. Get ready for your journey by reserving one of our exclusive 4-bedroom Mountain cabins today!


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