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Big Bear Birds – Birding in Big Bear

Home to an abundance of wildlife, Big Bear is a place where birding enthusiasts flock. With over 250 different species of bird, it can take a lifetime to see them all! The peaceful beauty of the area creates a habitat for our fine feathered friends, and many of us here at Big Bear Cabins enjoy taking a few hours, some water, and our best binoculars and hitting the many trails to see which new species we can add to our lists of Big Bear birds we have seen. If you’re looking for a new activity that doesn’t take a lot of equipment during your Big Bear vacation, here’s a list of places where we have had the most success on our own birdwatching trips in Big Bear.

First, Download an App

In the old days, birdwatching involved buying or checking out large books from the library, making a list of what you could expect, and carrying that list with you everywhere you went. Cumbersome and confusing, it took away some of the thrill of watching birds. Today, however, you have the only tool you will need (besides a good pair of binoculars!) in your pocket or purse: your smart phone that you have pre-loaded with a birdwatching app! Audubon Birds of North America, North American Birds Free, and Bird Journal or Birder are just a few of our favorites, but feel free to do your own research!

Next, Hit the Trails

Now that you have your phone apps uploaded, it’s time to grab your water and binoculars and hit the road. There are many trails in the region that are perfect for an afternoon of birdwatching, but the ones listed below are the ones where we have had the most success.

The Woodland Trail

If you haven’t spent a lot of time hiking, it’s best to start with an easy trail, and the Woodland Trail fits the bill! This 1.6-mile trail is flat, scenic, and offers the opportunity for adding the Nuttall’s woodpecker to your list of Big Bear birds spotted!

The Pacific Crest Trail

It will take a few hours to complete a hike on this trail, but the “prizes” make it completely worth the effort. This popular trail is home to ruddy ducks and common nighthawks, but our favorite sighting along this trail happens during the winter. Bald eagles make Big Bear Lake their winter home, and while most birdwatching successes happen during the spring and summer, a winter sighting of the bald eagle is something worth bragging about!

The Back Deck of Your Big Bear Cabins Vacation Rental

Offering more than just a place to rest your head, our 2-bedroom cabins are great places to spot birds you can’t find anywhere else in the US. Reserve yours today and grab a bottle of wine, your binoculars, and your smart phone and start birding in Big Bear!


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