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Big Bear Zipline

There are many thrilling activities to experience in Big Bear, but most of them are season-specific. For example, you don’t want to try skiing in the summer when there is no snow, or try wakeboarding on the lake during the winter, when temperatures dip below freezing! Luckily, there is at least one fun outdoor activity that can be enjoyed year-round: ziplining! Fly through the trees no matter the season, and experience the beauty of Big Bear with a side of adventure. During your next vacation , try ziplining in Big Bear for a truly memorable experience!

What is Ziplining?

Ziplining is a thrilling activity for those who have a bit of an adventurous streak! Get outfitted with a helmet, harness, and gloves and zip along a line while being suspended high above the forest floor. Feel as though you are flying while taking in all the beautiful sites of your surroundings. Although there are many ways to appreciate the natural beauty of Big Bear, ziplining is perhaps the most fun!

About Action Zipline Tours

Although other vendors may claim to offer zipline tours, Action Zipline Tours is the only zipline business in San Bernardino County that meets the safety requirements and is certified by the state of California. They operate their tours year-round, weather permitting. Their tours explore nine different high-speed lines, a suspension bridge, and stunning views of Johnson Valley. Whether you want to enjoy just ziplining, or add other activities to your adventure, Action Zipline Tours is the place to go in Big Bear for ziplining fun!

Safety First

Action Zipline Tours truly puts safety first, and fun second. They follow strict safety guideline and ensure the safety of every rider. All riders must wear appropriate attire, which includes comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing, hiking shoes, and long shorts. Long hair must be pulled back into a ponytail and no loose items are allowed, including jewelry. Each rider goes through a training safety course before heading out to the ziplines, which includes a safety video and a practice zipline that is close to the ground. While on the tour, your guide will check your harness before each zipline.

Big Bear Zipline Tour Options and Pricing

The Action Zipline Tour is three hours of fun in the forest! The tour includes rides on nine different ziplines, a journey across a suspension bridge, and hiking. This option costs $129 per person. Action Ziplines also offers an “Action Pass” that offers multiple activities, such as a Segway tour, at a discount. These passes are a great value for those who want lots of adventure in Big Bear!

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