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Big Bear Bowling

Looking for some indoor fun? Want a place to hang out that isn’t the cabin or a park? Maybe what you need is some bowling!
Bowling is a fantastic way to have fun. For one thing, you can play as long as you want! You can leave satisfied if you’ve had enough, but it’s easy to continue if you’re still enjoying yourselves—or just can’t leave a bad score alone! Like all great games, it’s easy to get the basics quickly, but the high skill cap leaves you eager to try your swing again! Learn about Big Bear bowling below:

The Bowling Barn

There’s only one bowling alley in Big Bear: The Bowling Barn! To find it, head to the western end of Big Bear Boulevard, then turn south onto Lynn Road.
Having a monopoly on Big Bear Bowling, the prices are higher than you’d likely find in bigger cities. But, unlike many bowling alleys, the food here is worth the money. You might be surprised how “dated” the place looks—but stay open-minded, because even though this establishment is over 20 years old, it’s still just as fun now as it was in the nineties! Give it a try, and you’ll fall in love with the charm.
There are plenty of lanes open and kept up, so you can forget your outside obligations for a while and focus on the lane, the ball, the pins, and the faces of your friends at every strike, split, spare, or gutter! Plus, the bar on site is sure to help the good times roll! The staff is friendly and prides themselves on helping people enjoy their time. Big Bear bowling is for everyone!

Big Bear Activities For Kids

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