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Cross Country Skiing in Big Bear

As winter approaches, we excitedly begin to anticipate the fun that goes along with the snow that blankets the mountains surrounding us. Sledding with our children on snow covered hills, then lunches with hot chocolate to warm chilled bones, watching the teens and 20 somethings show us up with their mad snowboard skills, then lunch with Irish coffee to warm chilled bones, and finally, cross country skiing with our favorite people, quietly shooshing across trails that have been etched out by those who have gone before, followed by a glass of whiskey by the fire, to warm chilled bones, of course! Winter in Big Bear is our favorite time of year. Why not discover if it is yours as well? Learn all about cross country Big Bear Lake skiing below!

What is Cross Country Skiing?

In our minds, cross country skiing is the perfect sport for those who love the idea of skiing, but NOT the heights that accompany the sport! Using nothing more than skis, poles, and your own leg strength to propel yourself across the snow, cross country skiing is a workout that reminds you of how young you aren’t anymore, while still managing to bring peace to your soul. The sounds of the wild accompany you on your trek across the flat tundra as the sun reflects brightly off the white snow, reminding you that speed isn’t always the answer, and sometimes you need to slow down and appreciate the now.

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Not as Easy as It Looks

First timers to the sport of cross country skiing may find they have bitten off more than they can chew, so the classes featured at Rim Nordic Ski Area can be a godsend. Offered only on weekends during the season, you have the choice of taking a group ski class for $15 an hour or private lessons for $30 an hour; we have found the group classes wonderful options for learning to laugh at ourselves while still managing to have a great time! You will still need to show up with all the equipment, but fortunately for you, the Rim Nordic Ski Area also offers equipment rental and passes for skiing! This is also the only area in the valley that offers trails for cross country skiing in Big Bear, so even if you aren’t needing lessons, this ski area is where you want to go for the experience!

Soothe Aching Muscles

Whether you are new at the sport or have been cross country skiing for years, you will soon discover aches in places you would rather not feel! And aren’t you the smart one for choosing to rent one of our Big Bear cabins with a hot tub? Nothing feels better at the end of a long day of Big Bear Lake skiing than soaking those achy muscles in a bubbly tub filled with hot water. Reserve your ski cabin today!


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