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Easter in Big Bear

Easter is fast approaching and with them comes an opportunity to travel around the world. After all those experiences you have had over the past year, now it is time for a more reserved location. California’s Big Bear perfectly fits this description since it allows you to go on vacation away from the hustle and bustle of major cities. From the city’s amazing nature trails to the lake itself, you are in for a unique Easter experience in Big Bear. Here is why Easter in Big Bear is a great pick for your Easter holidays.

Easter in Big Bear – It Is the Perfect Snow Playground

If playing with snow is something you cherish, the Easter holiday in Big Bear is the best time for it. Generally, the month of April is comfortable, with temperatures averaging highs of 66.6oF and lows of 45.9oF. The region is warmer during Easter, but incidences of snowing are still evident. The snow forming outside during this time makes it a perfect playground for you and your kids. Whether you want to hike up the snow-covered mountains or wish to spend more time in nearby ski resorts, there are multiple options for you to explore in the city.

Home to Some of California’s Most Decorated Hotels

Big Bear is the place to be for foodies. It has been rated among California’s most reliable places to visit for delicious street food. If food adventure is something that interests you more, the streets of the city are here for exactly that. However, if you prefer it more reserved, there are multiple high-end restaurants in the city that will come to your rescue. These restaurants have a global face allowing you to sample a wide range of dishes from around the world.

Best for Luxury Shopping

Your Easter holiday in Big Bear doesn’t have to be limited to the mountains and lake regions alone. Downtown Big Bear is a good place to tour largely because of the shopping expedition that awaits you in this part of the city. It is the place to be if you are a luxury shopper. Some of the incredible things to buy from this region include wine accessories and sporting goods. Being largely a skiing destination, you have a chance to gift yourself your first snowboard or ski.

Spend a Day at the Lake

Who comes to Big Bear and leaves without visiting the lake? The city derives its name from the lake, which shows how significant it is to the region. This lake is a one-stop shop for different types of adventure. From riding kayaks to swimming in the shallow ends, there is a long list of adventures for you to explore. Fly fishing is also a much-pronounced activity in this lake.

Bike the Weekend Away

Do you have an obsession with bikes? Then you have found a destination that allows you to embrace that side of you. Big Bear is one of Southern California’s leading biking destinations. Whether you are a novice biker or a mere amateur who finds the activity interesting, this city is accommodative to all. Within the length of the city, there are multiple biking trails that allow you to test your speed and endurance. Also, there are kid-friendly trails where children go to battle it out amongst themselves.

Luxurious Vacation Homes

The last and most important aspect of Big Bear that makes it great for this year’s Easter holiday is the city’s luxurious vacation homes. The properties seat in different locations with some tucked between mountains and others existing as lakefronts. These units are designed with all the crucial aspects of modernity. From their elegant living rooms to spacious kitchens, you have everything you would want in a modern-day home. They are laptop-friendly units with free high-speed internet available. With the current uptake of remote jobs, these houses have been optimized to offer the perfect work office away from your usual setting. Most properties seat strategically close to the area’s leading restaurants, ski resorts, and other landmarks.

Book You Big Bear Easter Rentals Today

Easter present a unique opportunity for you to unwind after the winter season. At the center of your Easter celebrations in California this year is Big Bear Cabins. In our portfolio is a list of over 300 properties ready to rent. These properties range from condos to cabins all fitted with high-end amenities. Complete with in-house spas and stainless appliances, these rentals perfectly complement your stay in Big Bear. Other properties are pet-friendly allowing you to celebrate Easter with your furry friends by your side. Our packages are flexible, which means you can select short-term or long-term rentals. Whichever the case, you are assured of a wonderful Easter weekend in California. Considering Big Bear Lake as your holiday destination of choice? Call us today to book your Easter vacation homes.


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