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Horseback Riding in Big Bear

Named after the iconic Big Bear Lake, this small city in the southern part of California is a nature lovers’ paradise complete with water bodies, mountains, and dense forests. Besides fishing and jet skiing, Big Bear is also home to other exciting activities. Horseback riding tops the list of alternative activities available for you to explore. From it being a sport to the convenience it offers when touring this scenic city, here’s all you need to know about horseback riding in Big Bear.

Where to Go Horseback Riding in Big Bear

Horse rides are not rare in Big Bear. Within the region are multiple trails that will help you appreciate what nature has to offer in California. Baldwin Lake Stables is one of the most prominent trails that slithers through the countryside. This trail has a dense forest and ranches allowing you to explore the phenomenal landscape. These rides are an alternative to conventional hikes, which are too demanding. Also, it allows you to explore the countryside with the luxury you deserve. The Pacific Crest Trail is another valuable alternative to experience these rides.

Best Time for a Horse Ride

The perfect timing for a horse ride in Big Bear doesn’t exist. It all depends on the goals you intend to achieve. If you are after the beautiful views of the rising sun, then early mornings are best suited. However, if your goal is just to explore nature and nothing more, any time of the day will do for you. You must however be ready to deal with the scorching sun in summer. Evening rides are the best for you to take photos of the beautiful sunset. Watching the changing phase of the sun across the Big Bear Valley is such an exciting experience.

How Long Should a Horse Ride Last

The duration of a horseback ride is more about personal preferences. The packages are offered in one-, two-, and three-hour periods. The time spent will depend on the intended experience. For the average rider, these timelines are more than enough. However, you are allowed to customize your ride but at an extra cost.

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Horseback riding is one of the many fun-filled activities that await you in Big Bear. To accomplish them all, you will need a holiday rental that is equal to the task. Our Big Bear cabins are fitted with high-end features to complement your stay in California. Call us today to book yours.


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