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Laser Tag & Big Bear Family Activities

Conveniently located on Big Bear Boulevard, the Big Bear Bowling Barn is a great location for Big Bear family activities. Not only does it have bowling, but there’s a laser maze and an arcade too. And they’re open every day, from 10 am until 10pm (11:30 on Friday and Saturdays)!

The Laser Maze

If you’re feeling particularly nimble, challenge your kids to the laser maze. Bright lasers shoot randomly out from all angles and heights, while you have to make it across the room without being hit. Cross a stream even slightly, and you’re toast! This is right out of Mission Impossible or Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess from a Big Bang episode. I can hear Wolowitz and Koothrappali singing the dramatic, secret-agent sounding Sabre Dance now. Take things up a notch with Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Lunch – no pizza (or beer) unless you can successfully navigate the maze! While your kids are waiting their turn at the maze, they can head over to the arcade for the newest in video arcade games. Accompanied by lots of loud music and flashing lights, naturally!

Food, Drinks and More

Besides the laser maze, there’s a full service grill serving up yummy pizza, burgers, wings, tacos and more. And, the Alley Oops Sports Bar, just inside the Bowling Barn, has plenty of high-def TVs where adults can enjoy a respite from the retina-searing lasers and video games, and enjoy an adult beverage while watching a real game where men play with balls of various sizes and shapes.

Enjoying the Laser Maze in Big Bear

These continue to be crazy these days, with more pandemic stuff and crazy wildfires, so please call ahead or visit the Bowling Barn website to make sure things are on track, get current times and pricing. And, if the maze isn’t open, just head next door to the Bowling Barn proper, where everyone can enjoy 16 lanes of bowling fun, and “nightly glow bowling” where the lights are out, the music is loud, and the bowling is wild.

There are plenty of other exciting Big Bear family activities to enjoy. A few to try are the Big Bear Alpine Zoo, (what kid doesn’t love a zoo?), the Big Bear Speedway & Ropes Course, Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain, or put your thinking caps on and try a scavenger hunt or escape room. Give us a call today for more ideas on family fun in Big Bear.


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