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Mountain Room Escapes Big Bear

Big Bear is home to more recreational opportunities than you will find in practically any other town in the world. Most of these opportunities are centered on the incredible natural beauty that you can find around every corner here. But there is plenty to do in town where you will find a vibrant community and some unique ways to spend a day or night. Mountain Room Escapes is certainly among the most unique ways you can do this with your group.

Mountain Room Escapes Big Bear – Lots of Unique Fun

At Mountain Room Escapes Big Bear, you will find a night of stimulating fun working together with friends and family to escape a situation using clues. There are multiple themes so there is something for everyone. The first is a mountain ski lodge escape at the Big Bear City location. This is set in the worst blizzard of the century and you have 1 hour and 13 seconds to work together with your team to escape. The other takes on an abandoned cabin theme, where you are your group is trapped in a cabin where there is something terrifying happening. You have 1 hour and 13 seconds to escape. Each of these escape situations provides a great deal of unique fun. You can book an experience with a larger group or a private game with just your group. Having the time of your life has never been easier because there are now two locations in Big Bear. One at 40729 Village Drive and the other at 1121 W Big Bear Blvd.

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Live the Life of Mountain Luxury

There is so much to do throughout your journey here, so it is a good idea to find yourself a vacation rental that you will love. Your rest will be very important in between awesome adventures like you will find at Mountain Room Escapes. Lucky for you, there are seemingly endless options when it comes to quality homes, cabins, and condos in the area. And they have never been easier to find when there are services like Big Bear Cabins accessible to everyone. Browse our selection of homes and condos in Big Bear to see the very best vacation rentals that Big Bear has to offer. Finding the right place for you has never been easier. Check out our 3-bedroom mountain cabins for unforgettable mountain views and fresh air!

Most of the activities here are focused on the recreation that the outdoors provides, but this offers a refreshing change of pace. Call Mountain Room Escapes Big Bear at (877) 584-6427 to see how they can create an experience that you will never forget.


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