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Snow Summit Grandview Loop Bike Trail

One of the Snow Summit mountain biking trails that best exemplifies the spirit of Big Bear is the Grandview Loop Bike Trail, which begins by taking the Snow Summit Scenic Sky Chair. Read on below to find out more information on this fantastic Snow Summit trail!

What You Can Expect to Encounter on this Snow Summit Trail

As previously mentioned, your adventure on the Grandview Loop Bike Trail begins with a breathtaking three-mile, fifteen-minute ride on the Snow Summit Scenic Sky Chair, traversing just above vast swathes of dense, lush forests. In total, the Snow Summit trail spans over the course of nine miles. Despite its challenging length, the trail is rated as a beginner’s trail.

After disembarking from the chair, you can then ride two and a half miles until you reach the spectacular views at Grandview Point, which allows visitors to gaze out over the beauty of the San Gorgonio and San Bernardino mountains.

Once you’ve soaked up the sights of Grandview Point, there are two miles of single track trail that take you alongside of the Deer Group Camp. Turn right onto the 2N08 to keep following the Grandview Loop Trail. When the trail intersects with 2N11, continue to the right to stay on 2N08, eventually crossing Pine Knot Trail.

Continue on 2N08 for nearly a mile and three-quarters, where the forest terrain will be flat and easy, until you reach the juncture of 2N51Y. Continue down the 2N08, which at this point will transition into a mile and a half of downhill riding. Follow signs for the Towne Trail to Snow Summit when you reach a sharp but wide left turn on the 2N08. This trail will begin between two large boulders, consisting of a two-mile single track that will take you back to Snow Summit, where you began.

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