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Snowshoe Tours in Big Bear

One of the greatest parts of the San Bernardino mountains is that it’s some of the best snow access California has to offer! And while the more celebrated bonuses of such weather spring to mind immediately—snowboarding, skiing, snowball fights—there is one that many forget about—snow-shoeing!

One of the more unique things to do in Big Bear California, Snow-shoes essentially mean that every season is hiking season! Foregoing the fast-paced thrills of skiing and snowboarding, snow-shoers relish the excitement of exploration and discovery. They go off the beaten path to see a side of the trails that never shows itself in summer, and really embrace the tranquility that settles on the serene countryside in winter. When you’re hoofing it on snowshoe tours in Big Bear, CA, it’s just you and nature.

Walk the Trails on the Best Snowshoe Tours in Big Bear CA

Just imagine—with your gear, there’s no trail you can’t climb, no mountainside unassailable. You set your path, climb upwards through the conifer trees, and as you look around, taking in the beauty of the winter landscape, you realize… you’re lost.

Even just a few inches of snow can make it harder to identify trails. So we recommend you team up with someone who knows what they’re doing. Find a local company that takes people up into the mountains for tours, with all skill levels—and enthusiasm levels—catered to. Many can provide your equipment and a guide, to make sure that you get the best out of a winter hike. As tours take along anyone age 10 and up, this is one of the best things to do in Big Bear California for the whole family!

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With a snowshoe tour taking up an exciting half-day on its own, why not stay in town for a while? At Big Bear Cabins, we’ve got all kinds of lodgings lined up for you—a small cabin? A luxury home? On the outskirts near trails? In the heart of town? Whatever you need, we can find it for you! Just browse our listings and get a great week or weekend getaway reserved! Contact us today for more information about snowshoe tours in Big Bear CA, or to learn more about our listings (and other things to do in Big Bear!)


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