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Spring Activities in Big Bear

Spring—the weather is constantly changing, and you can feel it in the air and in the way the sun warms your face as you look out over Big Bear Lake. Winter is slowly losing its icy grip on everything and tiny green sprouts are showing up through the last bits of snow. It’s time for new beginnings and spring vacation fun here in Big Bear. Below are one of our favorite Big Bear spring activities to add to your itinerary!

Fun Big Bear Lake Spring Activities

It’s time to enjoy Big Bear Lake and other nearby alpine lakes now that they are thawing out. The water may still be a bit cold, but you can still enjoy fun on the water. For those wanting a quiet ride and to commune with nature, rent a kayak, canoe or paddleboard. For those wanting a bit more speed, you can practice your waterskiing or waterboarding skills, or rent jet skis for the entire family. You can also take things easy and take a tour of the lake. Enjoy the scenery on a paddleboat, paddlewheel boat or even take the lake tour on a pirate boat. Now that the lake is warming up, it’s time to start fishing. Cast your line out from the dock, from the shore, or from your kayak. You’ll be pulling in rainbow trout, channel catfish, largemouth bass, and plenty of panfish. Get the grill ready!

Fun on the Mountains and in the Forest

The trails may be a bit muddy, but don’t let that stop you. Put your hiking boots on and take a hike! There are many trails that wind around the lake and in the San Bernardino National Forest, with various lengths and difficulties to choose from. There are hikes with wildflower meadows or waterfalls, hikes with spectacular panoramic views, ADA accessible pathways and dog-friendly trails too. A few hikes to try to include are the Alpine Pedal Path, the Woodland Interpretive Trail, and the Castle Rock Trail.

There are trails and single tracks specifically for mountain bikers. Big Bear Mountain Resort’s Summit Bike Park is a must for any serious mountain bikers. There are over 100 miles of bike trails in Big Bear to experience! Plus there are 4×4 and ATV off-roads and trails too. Just pick up an area map of biking trails at a local sporting goods store or an OHV road and trail guide on the San Bernardino National Forest website.

Wildflowers and Wildlife

It’s time for the wildflowers to start filling meadows and roadsides with their colorful blooms. You can find wildflowers on pretty much every hiking trail in the area, but here are two sure bets. Nearby Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve provides the only habitat in the world for the one-of-a-kind Pebble Plains flower. These wildflowers are just a few millimeters high, but are worth getting down on your knees to see and photograph. Baldwin Lake is also a great place to spot bald eagles. And head to Bluff Lake Reserve where you can see wildflowers that like higher elevations like wild columbine, Indian paintbrush, and lupines.

With over 250 bird species here, any time of year is good for bird watching! The most popular trail for birdwatching in Big Bear is the Pacific Crest Trail, which runs right by the lake. You can spot common nighthawks, eared grebes, and bald eagles. Best birding spots along the lake include Juniper Point, Sandalwood Marsh, Grout Bay, and Metcalf Bay. Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve, in nearby Lake Baldwin, is also a good bet.

Spring is a perfect time for wildlife viewing here in Big Bear too. Hike any trail or just sit on the deck of your cabin, and you may spy a newborn fawn and doe nibbling on those new spring buds, and of course squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons are always around. Mountain lion, bobcats, coyotes, gray fox, and black bears tend to try to stay away from humans, but you may spot one, especially at dusk or dawn. Just stay calm, stay back and enjoy your sighting of these usually shy, beautiful creatures. Just remember when bears (and other hibernating creatures) emerge from their dens in spring, they’re hungry, cranky, and may be protecting new cubs. And keep an eye for rattlesnakes and other snakes as you hike along woody, rocky trails. Like us, they enjoy sunning themselves on the warm rocks, and may be a bit sluggish after their winter sleep. They’ll want to avoid you, but they’re still dangerous when threatened (or accidentally stepped on).

Spring in Big Bear

The list of wonderful Big Bear spring activities to enjoy the outdoors as the weather starts to warm up is full. Whether you want to spend your days hiking through the San Bernardino National Forest, or out enjoying some Big Bear Lake spring activities, we have west area cabins in Big Bear Lake, CA, that will be perfect for your stay here in Big Bear. Give us a call today!

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