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Veterans Day in Big Bear, California

War veterans hold a special place in the society. They are people who sacrificed it all for the rest of us to be safe. More often, their efforts go unrecognized regardless of their strategic roles. To them, it is the small simple things that matter. California’s small city of Big Bear is one place that has come out to support and celebrate these veterans over time. Here’s what a Big Bear Veterans Day celebration feels like in California.

Attend the Veterans Day Ceremony

The 2023 edition of Veterans Day is going down in Big Bear Lakes Convention Center on the 11th of November. It is a celebration to honor war veterans for their heroic acts in neutralizing adverse conditions.

While Memorial Day is largely a celebration of the departed soldiers, Veterans Day is all about appreciating them while they are alive. The best thing to do on such a special occasion is to join these veterans out there at the Convention Center.

Some of these servicemen have life-long scars they got from the front line. Seeing how much they were willing to lose for the sake of the country is such an emotional moment.

Riding Boats and Canoes

After you are done with the emotional part of the celebration, it is time to make these veterans feel that they are appreciated. Big Bear Lake should be your next stop after leaving the Convention Center. Here, a lot of family-friendly adventures await.

While some of them may be too old to swim, there is still a lot more for them to explore in water. Riding boats and canoes are among the recommended activities. They are also proficient at fishing and would be a joy to take home a self-caught trout on such a special occasion.

Shopping and Gifting

War veterans are just like other normal citizens. The only difference is that they have been to the battlefield and made it back home. Veterans Day therefore brings an opportunity for you to appreciate their efforts by gifting and rewarding them.

Within Big Bear are multiple shopping areas complete with boutiques and other related stores. Whether it is that special pair of shoes they like or a suit that triggers their memory, it is their day, and they need to be rewarded for it.

Riding Horses

The fun in Big Bear on Veterans Day gets bigger with every activity. Usually, they are people whose past social life has been all in the bush something that makes it hard for them to integrate with the normal society. However, horse riding brings an opportunity for them to be closer to the society.

Riding horses is a family-friendly activity that veterans can maneuver with ease. Even when they can’t get to the back of the horse on their own, there are technicians to see them through. This activity is a special way for veterans to tour a large part of the city without breaking a sweat.

Playing a Round of Golf

Veterans deserve the best that America has to offer. Out there on the battlefield, these people have no time to enjoy life, or else the consequences will be catastrophic. During this season, golf courses around the city are open to veterans at reduced rates. They don’t need to be pro golfers to enjoy this sport.

Even taking them out there in the green golf fields is enough, whether they play or not. For those who are immobilized, they will have fun watching their colleagues battle it out on the field. Better still, you can join them for a round of play as you create memories together.

Chowing Down

Just as it happens in every other celebration, food is a crucial component that can’t be left out. After spending the day exploring nature with the veterans, now it is time to take them to a nice restaurant for a sumptuous meal.

Listen carefully to what they want to eat, and you will learn a thing or two about their immediate cultures. Also, make them understand the available options. Enjoy your hearty meal together as you bid this monumental day goodbye.

Big Bear Veterans Day Spa Day

Besides the multiple adventures and fine dining, there is one thing you might what to consider. Spa days may be nothing new to you but to these veterans, it is such a special occasion. Join them in those massage parlors and the joy in their faces is contagious. The therapeutic benefits they reap from these sessions make the whole celebration worth it.

Booking a Luxurious Holiday Rental

Big Bear has a lot more to offer beyond the Veterans Day celebration. Exploring the city to perfection calls for a beautiful place to rest. With us is a set of luxurious cabins featuring state-of-the-art amenities. Leave us to tackle the accommodation part of your visit as you focus more on the adventure. Contact us now for more detailed information.


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