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Guide To Big Bear Things To Do In Winter

As fall begins to drift into the winter, you can feel the excitement for Big Bear winter activities. This is largely due to the opening of ski season, for which people come from all over the world, but there is also so much more to love about Big Bear during the winter. From its one of a kind natural beauty to its unique recreation, you will love what you find here during the winter. Check out the Big Bear winter activities below:

The Right Skiing Opportunity for Everyone

Big Bear is known to have some of the best slopes, snowfall, and chair lift networks at its two ski resorts: Big Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. Throughout these two awesome ski areas, there are opportunities for the world class winter sports men and women along with fun runs for those who have never seen snow in their life. Big Bear Mountain is famous for its terrain park, so if that is what you are interested in, this could be the place for you. Snow Summit has a good terrain park, but it is more known for its runs that seem to never end, so it is the perfect place for the whole family. In the end, you cannot go wrong between these two mountains.

Endless Recreation and Beauty

You might think of winter as a time to settle down with a good board game inside, (and it can be) but there are plenty of ways to take advantage of this awesome time in Big Bear while you’re out in the bracing, brisk cold weather. From snowboarding (at both Snow Summit and Big Bear Mountain Resort), snowshoeing, snow tubing to flying through the air, there are plenty of other outdoor activities in Big Bear to enjoy besides skiing.

One of the most interesting things to do is go hiking with snowshoes, maybe even bringing a picnic with you. It’s time to commune with nature and to get away from the noisy, ski-loving crowds. Rent some snowshoes in town, then forge your own trail out in the backcountry. Enjoy the quiet, snowy forest, where the only sounds you’ll hear are the sounds of your shoes breaking a path through the snow and the occasional bird call. You can explore the National Forest on your own or book a guided snowshoeing tour to learn about Big Bear’s history as you crunch through the snow.

Go tubing! Tubing in the snow is way different than a slow, lazy tube trip down the river. This is a fast downhill ride in a soft, rubbery tube. Remember back when you were a kid, and you weren’t afraid to throw yourself headfirst down a snowy, icy incline? Well, this is a more comfortable way to enjoy the ride down the mountain. Still fast, and still fun. Head to Big Bear’s Snow Play or Magic Mountain at the Alpine Slide for tons of tubing fun. Be sure to stick around for night tubing!

Pretend you’re on the Olympic bobsledding team on the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain. Open year-round, you’ll take the chairlift up the mountain, enjoying the scenery on the way, then try your hand on the course as you speed around the banked curves and along the straight runs. Other unique opportunities include ice fishing on the frozen lake, Segway riding in the snow, or ziplining over treetops with Action Tours, and so much more!

Big Bear Winter Activities

Deciding on the right place to stay during your Big Bear vacation will ensure you are cozy and close enough to the things that you want to experience while you are here. Most of us have experienced staying in a hotel that left a bit to be desired. High prices for a small space, no kitchen, and neighbors across a thin wall are not the hallmark qualities of the perfect home away from home.

This is not the experience that the world-renowned property management company, Big Bear Cabins, provides. The vacation rentals we represent provide the best in privacy, comfort, and accommodations. And due to their seemingly endless selection of cabins, homes, condos, corporate retreats, etc. you are bound to find the perfect place for you. Our rental cabins come in a variety of sizes too. So, whether you’re planning a quiet, getaway for you and your lovely, significant other, or you plan on bringing all the kids and the dog along, we have many great choices for you.

And our cabins are the perfect places for enjoying the slow side of winter too. Spending time on the deck enjoying the lovely lake view and watching the eagles soar overhead, or enjoying the crackling, roaring fire inside are great ways to take a moment to breathe and slow things down. With our hectic schedules these days and with everything going on in the world, it’s a good thing to stop and just enjoy the moment. Big Bear is the perfect spot to do just that!

This is a magical time in Big Bear that is so easy to take advantage of if you know where to find the perfect place to stay and how to best enjoy your time here. If you are looking to plan a winter vacation that you will never forget, then look no further than Big Bear for the destination.


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