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The Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

Remember being a child and wanting so desperately to be a grown-up, it almost didn’t seem fair that it wasn’t happening soon enough? You wanted to buy whatever you want, go to bed whenever you decided it was time, and you were never, ever, ever going to eat your vegetables. Unfortunately, one day you woke up and you were an adult, and you realized being a grown-up just wasn’t all you thought it would turn out to be; all the fun stuff you did as a child was no longer acceptable for you to do—definitely not a fair trade-off.

Big Bear has a secret, however—a secret that is going to make you very happy! Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain Big Bear Lake CA offers you the opportunity (if only for the duration of the ride) to be a child again. You won’t look unacceptable or out of place as you take part in this bobsled experience ride, no matter how loudly you laugh and yell.  And because your kids can ride with you, they will most likely be laughing and yelling right alongside you!

Want the Details?

Magic Mountain is an establishment that features waterslides in the summer and snow play in the winter, with go-karts and miniature golf available at almost any time, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on this priceless opportunity to relive your youth. Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain CA, however, is the star of the show.

sliding sliding down the mountain
After riding a real chair lift to the top (be sure and enjoy the ever-changing scenery that surrounds you on the way up) the real fun begins. Everyone who meets the height requirement can have their own bobsled. Smaller children can ride accompanied by an adult, much as they would while sledding on that big hill in your own backyard.

The runners on the bobsleds are covered in Teflon, ensuring a smooth and fast trip to the bottom. The track, made of concrete, varies between long flat stretches perfect for building up speed and sharp turns that are happy surprises, guaranteed to bring that child-like giggle out from deep inside you! The only thing better than riding the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain Big Bear Lake CA is getting to ride it again and again! Magic Mountain is located at 800 Wildrose Lane in Big Bear and should be one of your first Southern California activities!

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