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John Bull Loop Bike Trail


In Big Bear, California, you’ll find a unique alpine experience awaiting you in the heart of Southern California. Peaceful meadows, babbling streams, tranquil forests, serene lakes, and visually striking mountaintops characterize this wonderful mountain town.

One of the best ways to explore the bounty of Big Bear’s natural offerings is to head out on an excursion on one of the many local hiking and biking trails. The John Bull Loop Trail is a great example of a fun, invigorating, and challenging trail that takes both bikers and hikers on an exquisite journey through the wilderness of Big Bear. Read on below to learn more about this incredible trail!

Cool Aspects of this Trail that You’re Sure to Enjoy

To get to the John Bull Loop Bike Trail, begin at Van Dusen Canyon Rd. and bike three and a half miles up to Holcomb Valley until you reach 3N16. Turn left onto 3N07, then right onto 3N43. Finally, you’ll turn left toward the John Bull Trail, or 3N10. Parking can be found at the corner of 3N16 and 3N32, where you can pull off the road without causing damage to the forest or its wildlife.

Spanning just over a whopping eleven miles, this trail is not for the uninitiated (unless you have ample stamina and pack plenty of supplies). The bike trail portion of the John Bull Trail is actually the most difficult part of the path, whereas if you choose to hike the trail, it is moderately difficult but most of the challenge is derived from the trail’s immense length. On the bike trail, riders will need to call on their reserves and their technical prowess, not to mention basic navigation skills.

Be cautious while riding your bike on this trail, as it is replete with rocks and boulders and requires an immense level of skill to navigate by bike. On the John Bull Loop Trail, you’ll see views of the desert to the north of Big Bear, which stretches far into the horizon. Steep uphill and downhill portions punctuate the trail.

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