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Woodland Trail

Replete with natural wonders, the town of Big Bear is an alpine oasis in Southern California. From striking mountain peaks, winding streams, and glittering lakes, to pleasant meadows and dense forests, Big Bear has a lot to offer for the interested outdoor enthusiast.

One of the best trails around for hikers of all ages and skill levels is the Woodland Trail in Big Bear, CA. Continue reading on below to learn more about the spectacular sights that await you on this popular trail.

What You’ll Find on this Fascinating Trail

To get to the Woodland trail in Big Bear, take Highway 18 from Big Bear Lake, driving to the Stanfield Cutoff and turning north. Continue on Highway 38, or North Shore Drive, then turn west and drive around three-eighths of a mile until you reach the Woodland Trailhead about one mile east of the Big Bear Discovery Center, across from the East Boat Ramp.

Consisting of a leisurely one and a half mile loop, the Woodland Trail is educational as it is fun and relaxing, with a total of twenty numbered stops. For an incredible self-guided tour through the geology, botany, and wildlife of the area, begin your adventure on the Woodland Trail by picking up a pamphlet at the entrance, which contains information that will guide you through the numbered posts.

On the trail, visitors can expect to see incense cedar trees, western juniper trees, high-altitude plants, rock formations that are fun to climb, breathtaking lake views, and more. The trail is not only kid-friendly, as inferred previously, but also dog-friendly as well. It is estimated to take about forty-five minutes to an hour to hike on the Woodland Trail

The Woodland Trail in Big Bear CA is also suggested as a warm-up for hikers interested in trekking along the Cougar Crest Trail or the Gray’s Peak Trail close by, especially for hikers who have not yet acclimated or adjusted to the altitude in Big Bear. The trail is well-maintained, with sections that are mildly steep and perfect for hikers of just about all levels of ability.

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