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Big Bear Lake Turkey Trot

We all need balance in our lives. So when it comes to Thanksgiving, what better way to balance all that food, TV, and movies than with some exercise? After all, a big feat is best when you’ve worked up an appetite! Read on below to learn about this fun Big Bear event!

Like in many communities across the country, Big Bear Lake Turkey Trot is happily hosted each Thanksgiving. The race kicks off at 9 a.m. and comes in three varieties—3 miles, 6 miles, and 9 miles. Winners will earn their own turkey to enjoy that evening! The atmosphere is festive, so if cooler temperatures are dissuading you, then why not come in a turkey, pilgrim, or bear costume? It’s all about fun—that’s why the event also features a pie-eating contest! (Maybe we were misleading with that whole “balance” thing.)

Big Bear Lake Event: The Turkey Trot

The race is held on Thanksgiving Day each year—this year, that’s the 24th. It begins at Meadow Park—to get there, follow Big Bear Boulevard through the city toward Knight Avenue or Mountainaire Lane, and head north on one of those two streets; you’ll find Meadow Park abutting Big Bear Lake. You can find parking just west of the baseball field. The course itself includes gentle hills, rolling its way through the lovely Eagle Point neighborhood.

Register online at; pick up your registration packet the day before at Big Bear Cabins.

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If you’re in town for Thanksgiving, why not upgrade from holiday to well-earned vacation? If you like rooming with friends or family that’s great—but also remember that there’s no need to impose on friends and relatives, or compromise your own privacy, if you don’t want to! Check out our listings and you’ll see that no matter how many people you’re bringing or how long you’re staying, we can find something for you! Rustic charm or modern delight? A romantic cabin or luxurious lodge? Either way, book with us and you won’t be disappointed!


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