Summer BBQ at Shore Acres Lodge | Come and Enjoy Big Bear's Summer Time

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Summer BBQ at Shore Acres Lodge

Summer and BBQs go hand-in-hand. They always have. And whether you’re trying to grill more sustainably and are cooking veggies, chicken, and pork on your gas grill, or have given in to nostalgia and fired up the old charcoal grill overflowing with burgers and ribs, summer is the time for it. And, Big Bear has plenty of summer BBQs and cook outs to enjoy at Shore Acres Lodge.

A Little History on Shore Acres

Quiet and secluded, Shore Acres is located on the south shore of Big Bear Lake, and not too far from Big Bear Village. This lakefront property was originally known as Potters Camp, and was a “gentleman’s” fishing and hunting camp in the early 1900s. This pet friendly, rustic encampment has been the backdrop for many family memories over the years.

The Summer BBQ

Shores Acre’s open grounds and beautiful lake view make it the perfect spot for a family cook out and get together. There are plenty of grills and picnic tables for your entire group too. The annual Summer BBQ is the perfect time to make new friends who love the area as much as you do. The weather may be hot, but usually there’s a nice breeze coming off the lake to cool you down as you dine on tasty BBQ and burgers.

Other Fun in Big Bear

Of course, with the lake right there, you’ll want to focus on the water. Whether you’re just lazing around on shore, fishing from one of the docks, out water skiing, or enjoying a nice, quiet float, it’s all good. Take a boat tour around the lake, or over the lake in a soaring helicopter.

Summer BBQ Fun in Big Bear

The details for the Summer BBQ are still being finalized, so just keep checking in on their website. Or just have your own BBQ at the Shore Acres grilling and picnic area. If you travel with your own grill, (I’m talking to you serious grill masters out there), set it up on the deck of your Big Bear lake-front rental cabin and get grilling on your own schedule, your own way! And many of our cabins have grills on the decks already. Zen out while you’re grilling and enjoying that quiet lake view at the same time.

Give one of our rental agents a call today for more information on the Summer BBQ. We’ll be happy to assist you in finding the perfect Big Bear lakefront cabin or luxury vacation home, complete with grill, too.


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