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Adventure Seeker’s Journey to Big Bear, California

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With California’s diversity comes loads of adventures for you to explore. Big Bear is an adventurer’s paradise with nature avenues stretching from the top of mountains to the foot of flowing rivers. Complete with hiking trails, ski resorts, and a robust downtown, you are in for an entertaining adventure in Big Bear. Here’s a brief description of adventures in Big Bear.

Multiple Hiking Trails

One of the many adventures that await in the city is hiking. Big Bear is known for its diverse landscapes that make it perfect for your hiking needs. The trails in the city come in different levels of difficulty with paths leading to different natural formations and tourist sites in the city. Within the city are trails that are perfect for a family setting. Stretching a few meters long and with minimal elevation, kids can easily maneuver these routes.

For the ardent hikers, there are trails in the city to match your skill set. With routes punctuated by rocks, dense forests, and wildlife you are in for an exciting adventure in the wild. The panoramic vistas of the city that await you once at the peak of these loops make the adventure worth the moment.

Explore Big Bear Lake

Your adventures in Big Bear are not limited to mountains alone. The vast water bodies of the city also form part of the experience. At the heart of your water adventures in California is the iconic Big Bear Lake.

The significance of this lake to the rest of the city can never be ignored. First, it is the leading producer of edible fish for the vast city. It is thus a good place to put your angling skills to good use.

Big Bear Lake offers more than just fishing. It is the place to be for all your water adventures. If you like swimming, the shores of this lake are very welcoming. Apart from swimming, this lake is a good place to explore activities such as kayaking. The boat tours of the lake are also worth the moment.

Snow Games

The winter months stretching from late November to March are known for the layers of snow forming outside. In normal cases, snow limits the activities you can explore but that is never the case with Big Bear.

This city has a way of springing back to life at the height of the winter season. The layers of snow formed become a perfect playground for activities such as tubing.

With facilities such as the Big Bear Mountain Resort, you are in the right place to explore all kinds of snow-based games. This resort has over 700 acres of skiing land perfect for all levels of adventurers.

You may as well decide to keep it simple and enjoy playing with snowballs along the ordinary hiking trails.


The next phase of adventure that awaits in the city involves golfing. Big Bear is one destination that has done so much to eliminate the myth that golf is an elite sport. Instead, it is available for every vacationer willing to take part in the sport.

Identify a golf course in the city and enjoy the sport one swing at a time. You may as well watch from the stands as the pro gamers battle it out there on the field.

Horseback riding is also a worthy substitute if you do not enjoy golfing.

Robust Downtown

Big Bear is known for its robust downtown. Popularly known as The Village, it is a one-stop shop for all your dining, shopping, and entertainment needs.

Foodies have a great deal of adventure awaiting them in the city.  It is in The Village where all the cuisines of the city conglomerate. Whether you are after the usual southern dishes or something more exotic, you can count on this city to deliver.

Spare some space in your travel bag because you are not leaving without a piece or two of souvenirs. It is the perfect destination to gift yourself and your partner.

Beyond the shopping and dining experiences of the city, you are also in for an entertaining stay in California. It is the place to be to experience Big Bear’s robust nightlife.

High-End Holiday Rentals

An adventurer’s journey to Big Bear goes beyond the activities available to explore. The type of holiday rentals available are also part of the experience. Big Bear is home to high-end holiday rentals spread out in different parts of the city.

These properties feature state-of-the-art amenities meant to enhance your stay in the city. From free internet for entertainment to flashy kitchen designs, be ready for a luxurious stay in California.

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