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Big Bear Wellness Journey

Life today is fast-paced, and every so often you need time to unwind and rejuvenate. After all, all work and no play make Jack very dull. If you feel like your mental cogs are slowly grinding to a halt, Big Bear Lake offers a relaxing and wholesome getaway experience. Recognized as one of Southern California’s most renowned vacation spots, Big Bear Lake has a lot to offer to help get your mind off the daily grind. Here are a couple of recreational activities you can look forward to on your pristine Big Bear wellness journey.

Climb Aboard a Pirate Ship

After watching Pirates of the Caribbean, there’s probably a part of you that wonders what a taste of the pirate experience is like. Well, wonder no more. Big Bear Lake is home to a Spanish galleon replica that offers daily excursions of Big Bear Lake. The ship dates back to the 60s and even had some time in the limelight, starring in the 1981 fantasy film Time Bandits.

The pirate ship has since stepped out of Hollywood’s limelight and now offers 90-minute tours of Big Bear Lake. The ship has tons of fun for adults and kids alike as it embarks on a scenic sightseeing cruise of the beautiful lake. As you cruise along the calm waters, enjoy a fact-filled narration that expounds on the area’s surroundings and history. If you want a more private pirate experience, you can charter the ship and relish an exclusive experience with your loved ones.

Kayak on the Lake’s Calm Waters

Unleash your inner adventurer by taking to the waters on a relaxing kayak ride. Big Bear Lake features several marinas where you can embark on a kayaking adventure. Choose from Pine Knot, Captain John’s, Pleasure Point, Big Bear Marina, or Holloway’s, and set off on a paddling experience as you take in the lake’s beauty.

Venture up to Garstin Island and explore the coves along the shore. The mountain peaks and thick forests provide an ideal backdrop for a relaxing kayaking session. If you’re up for it, you can carry your fishing rod and some bait, and catch a fish or two while you’re out and about on the lake. There are a couple of marinas offering different kinds of kayak rentals including one-person, two-person, and tandem kayaks. Take your pick and head out for a soothing kayaking session on Big Bear Lake.

Zip Across a Zipline

You know how you’ve always wished you could fly? Well, ziplining offers the closest thing to actually realizing your fantasy. Get your adrenaline pumping with a day out on Big Bear’s zip lines and experience the thrills of zipping past the forest floor beneath.

If you’ve never tried zipline, don’t fret. Thanks to very stringent industry standards that necessitate a helmet, a robust harness, and a pair of tough reinforced leather gloves, rest assured of a safe ziplining experience. Take in the Big Bear scenery as you zoom past at incredible speeds. With an Action Pass, enjoy a fuller experience as you get access to any of the nine available zip lines, a trip across a suspension bridge, then finish off with a hike. Ziplining is one of the most popular Big Bear lake activities to enjoy!

Knock Down Some Pins

If you’re looking for something in an indoor setting, bowling is an excellent way to have some all-inclusive fun. The Bowling Barn is Big Bear’s only bowling alley and offers a fun-filled, relaxing bowling experience. Tag your family and friends along and enjoy a day out on the smooth wooden floors as you bowl away to your heart’s content.

Though the establishment is over two decades old, it hasn’t lost any of its charm. There are plenty of bowling alleys on offer and the staff is a lovely bunch. Once you’re done with your bowling escapades, you can head over to the arcade and enjoy quality time with your little ones. If hunger starts to bite, the Bowling Barn’s Grill offers a delectable menu that includes pizza, burgers, tacos, flatbread, and sandwiches.

Spend Time Under the Stars

One of the beauties of Big Bear is its remoteness. With so little light pollution, the night sky comes to life in a unique way, making Big Bear a stargazing haven. For the best view of the stars, ideally, head out to areas that are a bit far from the roads to avoid any dust. Also, try to find a secluded spot for less interference.

Stargazing can be quite a chilly affair so remember to carry a jumper or jacket to keep out the cold. Reclining chairs make for a comfortable gazing experience so you may want to carry a few. A pair of binoculars offer a closer view of things or better yet, you can tag your telescope along and get an even better look at the night sky. Also, remember to pack a couple of snacks and drinks in case you get hungry.

Book a Rental for Your Big Bear Wellness Journey

Big Bear Lake is a great getaway spot to get your mind off life’s daily stresses. There are so many Big Bear lake activities to keep you occupied and help ease your blues. Contact us today andd explore our wide range of comfortable spa cabins in Big Bear.


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