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Fishing Journey in Big Bear, CA

Millions of people travel to Big Bear California every year for a variety of different experiences. Many people want to take in the picturesque views and natural beauty of the mountains. One such way to enjoy the natural beauty of Big Bear, California is through a majestic fishing trip. Here is our guide to everything you need to know to make the most of fishing in Big Bear during your journey!

Fishing Protocols and Necessary Items

Before planning your fishing adventure, make sure you keep in mind some major changes in the day-to-day rules of the stores, restaurants, and public spaces in Big Bear. Many of the Big Bear staples require masks but are still open to visitors looking to rent items. If Big Bear is a long trip for you and your group, consider renting items from one of Big Bear’s numerous rental stores. All along Big Bear Lake lie many different marinas and rental stores that offer everything you need. From fishing permits and boat launches to fishing charters, Big Bear Lake has anything and everything you may need to catch the fish of your life while in Big Bear.

Fishing by Shore or Boat

Big Bear Lake offers fishing styles for every wrangler out there. The most popular way to fish in Big Bear is by boat. Many people tow their favorite fishing vessel with them to Big Bear. For these visitors, Big Bear has many different places to dock boats and launches to take advantage of. For those looking to rent boats when they arrive, visitors have a wide spectrum of different paths to boat fishing. Rental shops are able to rent boats of all kinds, while local charters can provide you with a fishing excursion of a lifetime. If shore fishing is more your style, Big Bear fishing spots include amazing shorelines to cast your line off. There are great shoreline spots along the West and East Ramps, the Solar Observatory, the Alpine Pedal Path, near Big Bear Marina, the Stanfield Cutoff, and Grout Bay. Either way you choose to venture out for fishing greatness, make sure you get the appropriate permit for your chosen fishing journey.

Species of Fish to Catch

Big Bear Lake is one of the largest manmade lakes in California and it is stocked with interesting species of fish. The most abundant catches are several species of bass and trout, as well as crappie, bluegill, catfish, sunfish, and pumpkin seed. Make sure that you try and catch each one when you’re fishing in Big Bear!

Top Fishing Charters in Big Bear

Big Bear Charter Fishing

Big Bear Charter Fishing is a one stop shop for all of your fishing needs while in Big Bear. When you book for a fishing charter with Big Bear Charter Fishing, everything you need is included with your rental. All fishing gear will be provided, so the only thing you’ll have to bring is your sense of adventure. A licensed, professional guide will take you out on the lake for three hours on either a pontoon boat or tournament style bass boat depending on what type of fish you are looking to catch. Whether you are an expert fisherman or just beginning, their expert guides will help as little or much as you would like. Their three-hour charter for up to four people starts at $325.

Fish Big Bear Charter Services

Fish Big Bear Charter Services takes their charter guests on their 22-foot pontoon boat that is outfitted with fish finding electronics to help locate the best catches. You can choose to either catch and release the fish you catch or keep your catch. If you decide to keep your catch, Fish Big Bear Charter Services will clean the fish for you and even provide you with some of their favorite recipes to cook them up. If you are staying at a lake front vacation rental, Fish Big Bear Charter Services will even pick you up from the dock of your vacation rental. They offer bookings from two and three hours for $250 and $340 respectively for up to seven people.

Cantrell Fishing Guide Services

Cantrell Fishing Guide Services is staffed with seasoned fishing experts that are well aware of the ins and outs of fishing in Big Bear. Their charter services are booked at a two-hour minimum, and you can choose how long you like to be out on the water. If you are booked at a home on the lake, they will also pick you up right on the dock or you can meet them at the marina. They charge $110 dollar per hour charge for up to six people which includes the boat, equipment, and guide services. Make sure that you pack your snacks and gear up with Cantrell Fishing Guide Services.

When it’s time to rest after a day on the water, be sure you’ve rented one of our relaxing vacation properties in Big Bear! Contact us today to book your journey.


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