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Fire Rock Burgers and Brews

There is a restaurant and/or bar in Big Bear for every type of mood and every type of taste. Looking for a fine dining experience? No problem. Looking for delicious Indian food? No problem. Looking for a fun place for great burgers and beers? Fire Rock Burgers and Brews! The burgers are fresh and the beers are delicious, but a visit here offers so much more than that. You are guaranteed to love the time you spend at this Big Bear sports bar!

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Many establishments try to provide a little bit of everything, which can create a menu where everything is good, but nothing is great. This is not a problem here, as the experts at Fire Rock Burgers and Brews, take two things very seriously; burgers and brews. You are sure to taste the difference. There are 10 varieties of burgers, each more delicious than the last. One of the most popular of these is the ‘Californication,’ which comes with savory pepper jack cheese, roasted green chilies, Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and chipotle aioli. For you vegetarians out there, do not let the name fool you, as you can get a delicious veggie patty on any of these amazing burgers. And of course, any great burger is only as good as its sides! That is why extra care has been put into making the best and freshest tater tots, fries, mac n cheese, and much more.

Now that we have explored the realm of food, let’s get down to business with the beers, of which there is a delicious variety. Whatever types of beers you prefer, you will find a tasty example. IPAs, hefeweizens, ales, stouts—it does not matter, as they are all delicious. You can also find some beers from your favorite breweries around the country. Bars in Big Bear CA are fan favorites

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With one look around, you can tell what kind of place it is. Guitars hanging from the walls, plenty of bar space, and fun decorations tell customers that it is a place for kicking back and relaxing (along with enjoying delicious beer of course).

What is so cool about this place is their specialty is in the name. So if you are craving burgers and beer, there is a no-brainer decision at 618 Pine Knot Avenue. Fire Rock Burgers and Brews will likely become your new favorite spot in Big Bear after just one visit!


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