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Himalayan Restaurant

Tucked away in the heart of the Village, this Big Bear restaurant showcases a range of flavorful and delicious Indian and Nepalese dishes in a relaxing space. Read on below to learn more about this unique local restaurant in Big Bear!

Exotic Cuisine in the Heart of Big Bear

At Himalayan Restaurant, you and your guests can get a taste of the same authentic flavors enjoyed in Tibet, Nepal, and northern India, prepared using the freshest ingredients available.

Appetizers include variations of items like samosas (vegetarian turnovers), pakauda (deep-fried ingredients like chicken or shrimp served with a Himalayan sauce), papadum (crispy lentil wafer bread served with chutney), alu tikki (pancakes made from potatoes and green peas), onion bhaji (fritters served with chutney), and mo-mo (steamed dumplings with vegetables or meat served with a homemade achar dipping sauce).

Lunch specials are served until 3:00pm daily, offering a reduced price on Himalayan classics like chicken curry, lamb curry, chicken masala, lamb sekuwa, vegetable rolls, and fish or shrimp tandoori salad.

Soups and salads are available at Himalayan Restaurant, though where the local Big Bear restaurant really shines is with its vegetarian entrees, tandoori entrées, thali dishes, and regional takes on lamb, chicken, and seafood.

Try the lamb masala thali (with lentils, rice, naan, salad, or raita), the shrimp saag (shrimp with pureed spinach and spices), lamb makhni (tandoori-cooked lamb marinated with a tomato-saffron and a creamy sauce), chicken tikka masala, and rack of lamb for a rich, decadent meal. Daal (Southasian lentils served with Himalayan herbs), mushroom mattar (mushrooms with green peas), palak aaloo (pureed spinach with bite-size potatoes), palak paneer (spinach with Himalayan cheese), and vegetable korma (fresh vegetables in a creamy sauce) present filling vegetarian options as well.

Pair your meal with delicious variety of breads, such as naan, a leavened bread made of wheat flour that’s baked in a tandoori oven, or basmati rice, a classic staple. Top off your meal with ice cream, kheer (rice pudding) or gulab lamun (a deep-fried dough ball served with honey).

The local Big Bear restaurant is open daily, even during the holiday season. Enjoy lunch and dinner here from 11:00am to 9:00pm on Sunday through Thursday and from 11:00am to 10:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays. You can even get takeout with free delivery every day of the week, provided you order a minimum of $30.00 worth and your vacation rental is located within a five-mile radius.

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