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Laguna Big Bear Bar And Grill

Big Bear is not a huge place, but it sure provides a lot of dining options. This can lead to problems in deciding the perfect place to go for a meal. Often times, the preferences of the group will be split among multiple types of cuisine. If you ever find yourself in a situation where half the group wants Mexican food and the other half wants American food, then Laguna Grill Restaurant is the place for you, it is one of the best things to do in Big Bear!

Best Restaurants In Big Bear Lake

There are many things that make this such a great place to eat. The first is of course delicious food, plain and simple. The second is the fact that its awesome food comes in awesome portions. Finally, it is a great place to eat because of how reasonably priced everything is.  A Big Bear bar and grill is always a good time!

The quality of the food stems from the best ingredients along with a great menu to put them to use. A couple of crucial items on the menu are also made scratch and some are even made right in front of you. They make flour tortillas fresh every single day, which is essential for any Mexican food worth its salt. Not only is the guacamole fresh, but it is made right in front of your table. This is fun and makes for some delicious guacamole.

These two fundamental aspects of any Mexican dish make all of the classic meals taste that much better. You can start off the meal with a variety of classics like the tostada de ceviche, varieties of taquitos, and the decadent carne asada fries. Other options for shareable dishes or lighter meals come with a wide selection of fresh salads and soups. From here we move on to classic meals like that which you will find with the tacos. From pastor to crab tacos, everything is fresh and made just for you. Add burritos, enchiladas, and classic, signature dishes like carne asada and camarones rancheros and you have everything you need here!

There are endless classics, but the house specialty is the most incredible dish you will encounter on your entire trip. It is called the Molcajete and it sized for two people. It is complete with steak, chicken, shrimp, and chorizo topped with jalapenos, green onions, cactus, and salsa. And who could forget the rice and beans on the side! While the vegetarians will probably not go for this dish, there is plenty for them to enjoy as well!

Whether you are looking for something classic or outside of the box, you will not be disappointed with what you find at Laguna Grill Restaurant. Look for it at 40844 Big Bear Blvd. This spot is one of the best restaurants in Big Bear Lake!


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