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Advanced Ski Runs for the Pros: What to Do in Big Bear in Winter

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If you are an adrenaline junkie and expert skier looking for your next big rush, you want to head to Big Bear, California, where you will find some of the most challenging black diamond ski runs in the country. For the biggest thrills, it is what to do in Big Bear in winter. Both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit feature great advanced ski runs.

If you want the statistics of both so you can compare the two, here you go. The summit elevation of Bear Mountain the mountain is 8805 feet and the vertical drop is 1665 feet. The summit elevation of Snow Summit is 8200 feet with a 1200-foot drop. Both mountains offer an exhilarating black diamond experience. You will want to arrive early in the morning as both ski resorts are very popular and can get crowded fast. A lift pass will get you access to both mountains and there is even a free shuttle to take you from one resort to another. And for another little bonus, you can ski free on your birthday!

Bear Mountain

If you are at Bear Mountain, chairs 4, 6 and 8 will take you to the black diamond runs. Bear Mountain is home to the famed Geronimo Run; it is what you need to do in Big Bear in Winter. As you stand at the top of this steep run, you will see a breathtaking view of the lake and mountains below. But as you start your fast decent you will want to keep your eyes on the trail, as there are many drop offs, skiers and snowboarders to navigate as you travel to the bottom. Wipeouts are common, but there is nothing quite like making it to the bottom unscathed.

Rip’s Run is a black diamond trail that is full of surprises. You will enjoy some fabulous views as you ride to the top. Once you reach the top of the run, ski down carefully, as the terrain is steep in some places and smooth in others. It is lined with trees, and there are occasional trees in the middle of the trail as well.

Snow Summit

Snow Summit may be a little more family-friendly than Bear Mountain, but it still has runs that even the most advanced skiers will enjoy. With 25% of the resort dedicated to advanced skiers, there are several black diamond runs, and many of these runs have double black diamond sections featuring even more steep, challenging terrain. Since the resort can make its own snow, it doesn’t matter how deep the snowfall has been. Plus, you can ski all day and into the night on several runs.

Snow Summit has five difficult runs, including Tommi’s and The Log Chute. Two of the three expert runs that Snow Summit offers The Wall, which is a freestyle jumping wall that occurs half way down the run, and The Side Chute run which is steep and narrow, with many trees to navigate your way around.

A Few Other Speedy Choices

Even though you’ve come to Big Bear to hit all those black diamond runs, it’s always fun to try something different, but that still can give you that adrenaline rush you crave. Book a Ziplining Tour at Action Zipline & Segway Tours in Big Bear Lake. Shooting over majestic Ponderosa Pine forests and through the backcountry can be pretty exhilarating! You can also book a helicopter ride for a bird’s eye view of Big Bear country.

What about bobsledding on the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain? Open year-round, your bobsledding experience starts with a pretty chairlift ride up the mountain, while you enjoy the San Bernardino Mountains scenery on the way. Then you hit the downhill bobsledding course, speeding around the banked curves and racing along the straight runs. Go for the gold!
Maybe try night tubing? Careening down the mountain, in the dark on a lighted course, all while sitting in a large inner tube might be the perfect way to end a day of black diamond runs. Both Big Bear’s Snow Play and the snow tube hill at Magic Mountain offer night time tubing fun.

Accommodations When You Have Discovered What to Do in Big Bear in Winter

Expert skiing requires a good night’s sleep, and for that you need a place to stay where you can unwind by a roaring fire with a hot toddy or hot chocolate and sleep in a comfortable bed. Big Bear Cabins can find you and your ski buddies the perfect place to stay. Our cabins have a classic rustic look but come loaded with modern amenities (including Wi-Fi, flat screens, and coffee makers) and comfortable furnishings. They come in various sizes, from cozy 1-bedroom cabins to larger 3-bedroom cabins that can sleep eight of your best friends comfortably. Most of our cabins feature front porches or decks where you can laze around enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery and resting up for another black diamond day. Plus, our cabins are within walking distance to Big Bear Village, local markets, and more. Book your ski cabin online today or call us at 877-417-6504.