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Big Bear Mountain Things to Do: Beginner Ski Slopes

You have come to Big Bear for a fabulous ski weekend: skiing is one of the best Big Bear Activities in December. Unfortunately, you don’t know how to ski! You start out by taking a ski lesson, but when the lesson ends you are still not ready for the black diamond slopes. Fortunately, there are plenty of bunny slopes in Big Bear where you will able to learn at your own pace, without risking a limb. Check out our guide to the easiest ski runs in Big Bear below!

Snow Summit Beginner Runs

The best place to find beginner slopes is at Snow Summit Ski Resort. With a vertical drop of only 1,200 feet, the mountain is a great place to learn how to snow plough without getting in the way of an expert skier. 55% of the area is designed for beginners, and is one of the most fun Big Bear Mountain things to do. They have an official beginners’ area where you can practice your new skills on the gradual incline of a large hill. The area fills up in the winter, and if you fall, you won’t be alone. The area is scattered with new skiers who have taken their first spill. You will be amongst friends and right near the ski lodge.

Once you feel that you are ready to ski down a mountain, you can head over to Summit Run. The run is very well groomed and populous. If all those stories about skiers knocking into trees has you scared, you needn’t worry, as there are no obstacles on this course. If you would like to try a longer run, you can always try the Going Green Trail, which is also very easy, but a bit windier and less populated than some of the other runs. If you find dangling above a mountain on a little chair intimidating, you can always take the Magic Carpet to the top of Snowbird Trail. The Magic Carpet is a conveyor belt that will take you to the top of the mountain with your skis planted firmly on the belt.

Where to Stay When Enjoying Big Bear Mountain Things to Do

The best part of any ski vacation is sitting around the fire at the end of the day with a hot cocoa or the libation of your choice after all of the Big Bear activities in December. Instead of jockeying for position in a crowded ski lodge, why not enjoy that fire in the living room of you own log ski cabin?

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