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Big Bear Cross Country Skiing

You and your family have decided to take a ski vacation to Big Bear Lake, California. While your family wants the thrill of schussing down the slopes, you would prefer to enjoy the scenery as you travel along little explored trails in beautiful and secluded valleys; you want to go to Big Bear cross country skiing! Rim Nordic Ski Area is Southern California’s only cross-country ski area. Fortunately, it is an accessible place with helpful guides and well-groomed terrain.

The Trails

The Deep Creek Loop is a .25-mile trail designed for beginning cross country skiers. It has a few gentle inclines and provides a good introduction to the sport. You can also ski along a tree-lined country road that goes on for two miles.

If this is not your first time on cross country skis, you may want to check out one of the intermediate cross country skiing Big bear CA trails. The Lower Country Road Trail is a little over two miles and is a wide trail which winds its way through a peaceful path. It goes up and down a bit, so be sure to do your leg exercises before getting on the trail. The Vista Trail is only a mile and at a lower elevation.

If you don’t mind a few inclines and sharp turns, you should check out the expert paths, including the one-and-a-half-mile Big Cedar Trail, which is, as the name would indicate, a tree-lined slope with breathtaking views and a few drop-offs of which to be aware. You can also check out the scenic but somewhat narrow Upper Vista Trail.

Rentals and Classes

An entire day of ski, boot and pole rentals will only set you back $18.00, and kids under ten get their equipment for only $10.00. Lessons are available from instructors who work in the rental shop, but you may want to call first.

Where to Stay When Cross Country Skiing Big Bear CA

Big Bear Cross country skiing is a strenuous sport that can leave your muscles in need of a long soak in a hot tub and a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed. Although there are a lot of hotels in the Big Bear area, you never know what kind of quality you will get if you trust your travel plans to a discount travel website. Why not let the vacation experts at Big Bear Cabins find you a beautiful ski cabin with all the amenities? Book online or call us today at 877-417-6504.