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Intermediate Big Bear Lake California Skiing Slopes

You are an intermediate skier visiting Big Bear Ski Resort for the first time and you are wondering where you will find the best slopes for someone with your skills. You want some Big Bear winter activities that are challenging, but not scary. You want a long run with trees, but not so many trees that you have to be airlifted home. Fortunately, there are enough intermediate slopes at Big Bear to keep you occupied for quite a while.


Snow Summit’s famed Skyline Trail is considered one of the most scenic Big Bear Lake California skiing trails in the country. You will get breathtaking views of the hills and valleys of Big Bear. Miracle Mile is a long, but fairly obstacle free trail. Perfect Pitches is a short and rather steep trail. The Log Chute Run is, as the name would indicate, a tree-lined trail that is less populous than most of the other intermediate trails on Snow Summit.

34% percent of the slopes at Bear Mountain are intermediate runs, with several beautiful trails. The ExpressWay is a wide open, sometimes steep trail that is not too crowded. The Silver Connection is a secluded and tree-lined trail that connects to the freestyle Amusement Park Area.

One nice thing about Big Bear is that it has some low intermediate slopes, designed for those skiers who are just a little too experienced for the bunny slopes, but not quite ready for the regular intermediate areas. Westridge Park at Snow Summit offers a combination of beginner and intermediate terrain. Bear Mountain offers Easy Street, which is a lovely, tree-lined slope with a fairly gentle descent and even a small practice jump. This run can get rather busy during the day, so you may have to navigate your way around a fallen skier or two.

Where to Stay While Enjoying Big Bear Winter Activities

Big Bear is popular all year round. As you can imagine, there are a lot of places offering lodging, and selecting one can be a time-consuming task. Why don’t you concentrate on planning fun stuff to do and let the vacation rental experts at Big Bear Cabins find you the perfect place to stay?

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