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Big Bear Lake Skiing Safety in Big Bear

You are planning your fabulous ski trip to Big Bear and you and your traveling companions have been excitedly shopping for the most fashionable ski gear you can find to go with that snazzy hand-painted snowboard you were lucky enough to snag. But, before you get on the slopes, remember to discuss safety and pack the things that you will need to make your trip fun and accident-free.

Make Sure You Are Healthy

Before you go skiing have a check-up and make sure you are in good enough shape for this strenuous sport. Visit the gym or go to exercise classes a few extra times in the weeks before you go skiing. A healthy heart and strong and flexible leg muscles are necessary for Big Bear Lake skiing.

Dress for the Slopes

Be sure to dress in layers for Big Bear snow activities. Your body constantly changes temperatures when you ski, and you want to make sure that you can sweat and that that sweat will dry quickly. Long johns are comfortable and will keep your body at a good temperature for skiing. You should also wear a hat to keep warmth in your body and gloves to keep frostbite away.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

If you are a new skier, get your equipment from a ski store and make sure that everything is the perfect size for you. Check your bindings every time you get on the lift. Make sure they are not too loose or too tight. Many ski accidents are caused by loose boots, and tight boots can cause shin splints and more serious injuries. Make sure to wear goggles or glasses, because nothing ends a vacation faster than a little ice in the eye. If you are going into a remote area, don’t forget a compass and your phone.

Wear Sun Screen

There is noting cute about the sunburn you will get if you go Big Bear Lake skiing without wearing sunscreen. You are going to be at a high elevation for a long stretch of time, so make sure to apply protection generously and frequently.

Hone Your Skills and Stay Alert

Never go down the slopes without taking a class first. Big Bear offers many classes for people of all ages. Awareness, attention to detail and quick reflexes are essential when you ski, so save any drinking for after your day on the slopes.

Accommodations for Big Bear Snow Activities

Nothing is more important to awareness than a good night’s sleep in a comfortable and stress-free environment. Why not stay in a cozy cabin with all the amenities while enjoying Big Bear Snow Activities? Big Bear Cabins can find you a beautiful home. Give us a call at 877-417-6504.