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Top Items You Need to Bring for Your Big Bear Ski Trip

You are packing for a ski trip to beautiful Big Bear Lake in California and your long underwear, hats, gloves and jackets are securely nestled at the bottom of your suitcase. Your skis and boots are reserved at a rental shop and your sunscreen is in your carry on. Are you forgetting anything? Probably! There are a few extra things you will need to make your Big Bear ski trip safe and comfortable.

Eye Protection

Be sure to get a good pair of sunglasses or goggles for your Big Bear ski trip. UV protection will shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful effects and help you see through the bright glare coming off all that glistening snow. Goggles are recommended, and they can keep the snow out of your peepers as you glide safely to the bottom of the mountain.

Ski Pants

Although they can feel a bit cumbersome, you will be happy you have ski pants on if you take a spill. Nothing is worse than getting snow on your pants and having it melt when you go into the lodge for lunch and freeze up again as soon as you get on the lift.

Ski Lock

You may not want to lug your skis with you everywhere you go all day. A ski lock is a uniquely shaped lock that will secure your skis while you enjoy Big Bear. Both resorts at Big Bear have plenty of racks.

A Hydration Pack

You don’t want to lose your place in line because you keep running back to the lodge for water. Why not get yourself a small, smart hydration pack that you can wear like a backpack during your Big Bear ski vacation? You can have a sip of water whenever you need it without having to worry about what to do with that plastic bottle.


Be sure to take a little package of facial tissues with you. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a runny nose on the slopes.

Accommodations for Your Big Bear Ski Vacation

There are a lot of hotels, motels and home sharing services in Big Bear and they are always very in demand. The owners of these places know how popular the resort town is and take full advantage of this, offering few amenities and barebones rooms.

Why not skip the hotels and rent a spacious log cabin from Big Bear Cabins for your Big Bear ski vacation? Our homes are loaded with amenities and have comfortable furniture. Book online or call us today at 877-417-6504.