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Top Big Bear Bars and Restaurants to Eat After a Fun Day of Skiing

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You are visiting Big Bear Lake and you have been skiing all day. You are in need of some good food and perhaps a cocktail or two. Big Bear has many food choices and picking a place to eat can be rather overwhelming. You want to go to a place that has great food as well as an ambiance that you will remember when you look back on your vacation. Here are a few of Big Bear bars and restaurants.

Teddy Bear Restaurant

This eatery was established in 1944 and has been at its current location since the late 40’s. They are most famous for their homemade pies and for entrees named after the regular customers who came up with the recipes, such as Dr. Poole’s Chili Burger or Ray’s Cajun Chicken Sandwich.

Although they offer primarily traditional American fare, they have kept up with the times by throwing in a few exotic items, such as a crispy and sweet orange walnut salad and the vegetable tempura appetizer.

Nottingham’s Restaurant and Tavern

Housed in a large wood building on Big Bear Boulevard, the Robin Hood-themed Big Bear bar and restaurant features a dining room with a fireplace, a pub and a patio where you can sit if you are dining with your dog. There is a classic car parked out front, and the space is decorated with vintage posters.

Menu highlights include a caramelized brie cheese appetizer that is served with apples and bread, fresh salmon, and cheese tortellini that comes with a tangy marinera sauce. They have a full bar with unique spins on classic cocktails such as a Watermelon Cadillac and a Notting Girl Martini, which is a vodka martini made with lemon juice and raspberry drizzle.

Himalayan Restaurant

There is no food quite as tasty and satisfying as an Indian food. This restaurant serves the sweet, spicy and nutritious fare of Nepal and India. Be sure to try the Samosas, which are vegetable turnovers made with Indian spices, and Aaloo Govi, which consists of cauliflower and potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce.

Where to Stay When Enjoying Big Bear Bars and Restaurants

There are a lot of hotels and motels in Big Bear Lake and many of them offer bare-bones rooms for a hefty price. Why not do your vacation justice by renting a fabulous ski cabin with multiple rooms, comfortable furnishings and tons of amenities to enjoy the best bars and restaurants in the area? The vacation rental experts at Big Bear Cabins can find you the perfect place to stay. Call us today at 877-417-6504.