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Big Bear bakeries

Best Big Bear Bakeries

You want to know our favorite part of any vacation we have ever taken? It’s getting the opportunity to taste the food that is a specialty of that region, especially when it comes to trying out the bakeries in each town we visit! If you happen to agree with us and are planning on visiting Bend in the near future, we have a special treat just for you! We’ve compiled this list of the best bakeries in Big Bear, so be sure to visit them all if you get the chance; we wouldn’t want any of the Big Bear bakeries listed below to feel slighted!

The Copper Q, 645 Pine Knot Avenue

In today’s business world, a clever name will bring the people through the doors, but if you want to keep their business, you need to have something worthwhile to offer. In the case of the Copper Q, it’s their moist and delicious baked goods that keep their customers returning time and time again. Why not stop in and find your new favorite baked goods? Our favorites change daily, so you may want to make more than one visit!

Sister My Sister Bake Shop, 40191 Big Bear Boulevard

When we were children, a trip to our grandma’s house was always a special treat guaranteed to offer sugary treats of the home-baked kind. Walking in her front door, the aroma of still baking cookies, cupcakes, or pies would tantalize, and when you walk into Sister My Sister, you will have the same reaction! Featuring tarts, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and so much more, there just isn’t enough time to describe them all.

O.J.s Donuts, 42173 Big Bear Boulevard

This is the place to go for donuts—thick and fat cake ones topped with chocolate frosting, sugary crullers, raspberry, chocolate, and custard filled ones, and swirly cinnamon rolls filled with that spicy goodness. If there is a donut you love, you will find it right here at O.J.s, along with some flavors you may have never tried before. Also selling frozen yogurt and refreshing beverages to wash your sweet treats down with, a visit to this donut shop is a necessity during your Big Bear vacation!

Bring Back as Much as You Want, We Won’t Judge

We suggest you buy all you want and bring it back to your cozy Big Bear Cabin to enjoy! Best enjoyed with a cup of coffee you brewed yourself on the back porch as the sun rises over the horizon, your first good idea was choosing Big Bear Cabins for your California getaway; the second was visiting the Big Bear bakeries we listed above! Reserve your Big Bear cabin with us today!